Concentrating too much on wanting to use Ultra

As the title would suggest, I realize that I very often concentrate too much on trying to end a round by using an Ultra/Super move.
I’m not sure how to get rid of this mindset. Like, I mess up easy anti airs because of not having them on my mind at that moment.
Does that just come with time?
It really bothers me that I lose because I want a flashy finish. I feel stupid in hindsight, but don’t seem to be able to learn from it.

You can just give yourself the assignment to NOT use ultra/super for the next 20 matches or so. That’s what I usually do to get over bad habits. It will prolly give you a disadvantage for those matches but afterwards you will be used to avoiding it.

usually this happens because of the excitement behind the ultra/super… the gusto, coup de gras, the nail in the coffin, the fat lady singin’… just another ordinary tool. i agree with what was said above. try going a few days without using ultra at all. eventually you will start to focus on using the proper tools throughout the duration of the match rather than forcefully looking for reasons to use 1 tool out of dozens (ultra/super).

as you grow with the game, you will eventually come to realize that what you DONT do can matter more than what you do.

Hmm, never thought about that. I’ll give it a shot.

yea, especially when I’m fighting a patient player, I get really twitchy and often react incorrectly.
And we all know how badly a whiffed Ultra can be punished.

I’ll see if the method mentioned above works. I hope it does.
Gotta rise up.