Concept Art (56k warning)


Back in high-school, I drew a lot of lame, home-brew comic books. Recently, I thought about making another one in my spare time and drew up a few concepts for characters. As you can see, they’re not quite fleshed out yet but it’s a start. I’ve always enjoyed the wacky “Golden-Age” heroes and villains and used them for inspiration. Here they are:

I started by drawing a hero that’s a bit past his prime. I call him The Green Sparrow.

Every hero needs a good sidekick, so might as well make it a cute one. This is The Green Sparrow’s grand-daughter. I haven’t come up with a name for her yet, but her costume obviously pays homage to GS’s.

This is the first villain. I’ll just call him Jester for now (although that’s likely to change considering how unoriginal it is). He’s a bit more evil looking than I’d hoped so I may tone it down a bit in future iterations.

Another quicky sketch, this is The Big Man. Definitely going to work his intials into the costume somehow.

Anyhow, just stuff I’ve been kicking around that will probably be concept for concept’s sake.


Real good stuff! One little thing, the hat on “Jester” seems to be floating above his head, rather than resting on it. But that’s some sick stuff otherwise!


nice pics & concept. reminds me of Inpector Gadget & Penny relationship - she and Brain solved all the crimes and let her uncle take the credit :slight_smile:



Same here. Nice job.


Hehe, that’s kind of the angle I was going for. Not entirely original, but amusing all the same. :slight_smile:

And thanks for the comments and crits. You’re right about the hat. It was more of an afterthought to make him look less evil.


Welcome back Rushmore!

I love all the sketches, most noteably the Jester. Evil is good.

I look foward to more.



Hi, and welcome again.


Jester reminded of classic WWF wrestler- Papa Monga(sp). He was voodoo warlock. XD

Your works are amazing. Great work. :slight_smile:


Papa Shango
who was later known as : The Godfather


:sweat: Yup… that’s him.

Yes, I do know him as another name- Kula

Thanks, Snowman. :slight_smile:


Interesting character development. I like them because they look unusual and not the typical anime or comic book hero.What are you going to do with these, make a comic?


Should make a comic strip about them. Of course, It’ll require thinking and other suggestions, but I see talent in these characters/pictures. Go ahead and make the comic, it’ll be great in my opinion.


btw, I think you can make your first picture the villian in the comic, and the second picture ( the one with the girl ) the hero. Just some thoughts. The other two can serve as the villians assistance in your comic if your gonna make one, again, just some thoughts.:smiley:


You know, it’s interesting that you mention this because GS was originally intended to be a villain design. I may go back to that (with some slight adjustment to the look). I’d like to create a web comic out of these characters if I can scrounge up the time. I’ll simplify the designs (sort of like animated versions of the same characters) to speed up the process.

It’s tough creating characters that look iconic without being too simple or too overly designed yet retaining an original look. :o

Any suggestions on character origins/costume adjustments are welcome!

Here’s an inked version of GS:


Maybe the old man should have the pilots cap instead of just the goggles?



nice concepts… the fat guy is funny i want to see a full pic of that guy… peace


Yeah, something on his head. The bald head + goggles + the button down costume makes him look like a mad scientist from old Golden Age comics.

Maybe a full head of grey hair? Maybe give him a parachute (he kind of looks like an old pilot)?