Concept art for cancelled WWE ''fighting game''


They were working on this in 2011, but it got scrapped.

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LOL @ Vince.


I thought it was going to look like this


Wrestlemania the arcade game is the best wrestling game of all time.


What the FUCK



I maintain a WWE fighting game produced by ASW would be the hypest shit.


ASW mechanics aren’t within seven degrees of being functional with WWE IP.


I want to see wall bounces off the turnbuckle, slams that ground bounce into re-slams. I want the game to be anime as shit.


I want a wrestling character action game made by Platinum.


Not really inspired by those outdoor environments, but the art direction is very nice, I would have liked to try it out. (coming from someone who’s last wrestling game was on the gameboy - the original gameboy)


Misterio looks like one of Fuerte’s alts but otherwise looks awesome.


My first thought was “I bet they’re all grapplers,” but I see some variety in there

The stages kind of remind me of Urban Reign

That Hulk Hogan design is BEAST


Yeah, I’d have played this for the right price…

  • :bluu:


Yeah so the core fanbase wait a year longer than the Japanese for the release



This is why we can’t have nice things. Just looking at the concept art has my imagination racing. At the top is Vince Mechman doing his strut to the mat in all of that armor.


I am SO PISSED this never got made and we got Ultra SF4 instead.


I wonder if Chyna would’ve been in it. I would’ve mained her.

Her or Macho Man.


I think everyone would’ve wanted that Mankind DLC, though…

I still remember WWE’s last excursion from wrestling games…


Me too, man. Me too. Was any reason ever given for it’s cancellation?

At least we don’t have to put up with Kelly Kelly in fighting game. That’s a plus. :slight_smile: