Concept art for MK HD Kollection? Yes

Back when i first brought to light this project, it was met with a lot of doubt and lots of naysayers. That was fine, but when the project was cancelled, I figured I’d never be able to really prove the fact this was a legit project, but via a link that was given to me on Facebook (if that person is a member here, please PM me :)), i am able to show you some concept art and actual screens from the game. Take them for what its worth, some are not complete but NetherRealm did ask this guy to do some of the stuff your about to see.

So with that, here you go.

First off, the link to the blog:

Should be noted as well that John also did some concept art for the MK Arcade Kollection that is coming in September. here is one example, with a “new” concept for Outworld you should recognize (middle row, second from right):

Just wish i could share what ive seen of that project :frowning:

This needs to be Reverse Fatalitied :frowning: