Concept art


here’s some concept for this story that i’m fleshing out. i’m doing this storyline for and rpg for a school project.


anyone? comments? please?


Hey whats up rabid. Must have missed this one as I am in online discussion on;y these days. They look more rrealistic than your usual stuff. Reference? Is that watercolor also? It looks pretty good to me. I don’t know if you wanted wiggly linework on purpose, but clean ups would be cool. Good pieces man. Peace.


sfmc- yes it’s watercolor and pen. The top one had a ref, but not the other two.
i did kinda want that line work, because i wanted it to look …“loose” i guess, and not too much like a comic book outline. any tips on how to do that? like some of your stuff looks “loose” like the sol i believe you did a while back.


Heh I guess the only way is to draw really fast. Only way i know of.


you’ve got major drawing problems sonny. the blind fold guy is the funniest. come on sfmc you know you wanna tell him it suck balls, thats why no one wanted to comment.


ok master sweet, how should i do this style better? and what specific drawing problems?


the top one is by reference, ok. good enough.

the other two suck, because you’re trying to be realistic, and yet there are no underlying anatomical references to suggest cheekbones, for instance…etc.

if you’re going for realism, then you’re better off drawing from life, ie., models and photos.

the loose look is neato, though. play that up, but REALLY work on your facial structure, and i’m also sure you’ll need work on your proportions in general…

(i’m a former drawing and painting major, BTW – now art ed. teaching will be fun!)


i’m not rally going for realism, but not really comic either. sort of a mix


your problems is in the structure of faces. even if your going for a comic/realism technique you wanna convince me theres a skull underneath their heads. your line work isnt helping much either, looks like your timid and not sure of yourself. theres not much color going on so i won’t comment. heres a quick one to help solidify your shadow shapes.


Damn that is pretty slick rick sweet. Nice to see your not a highlight popping demon.


sweet, that is really cool and all, but your’s (though really nice) was done in comp and a different style then i was aiming for.
any sugestiong for using pen and watercolor? or do you just think they don’t mix?


naw dude, he was trying to show you where you shadows should be placed and how his face should be shadowed in order to make it look real ( like he has a skull)…for example look at the nose, he added major shading to the nose that you do not have…hes not telling to change your style but to get your shading down…so you can still do it with watercolor if you want but just go back and add more shading with the watercolors…

im outi


ps…although i have stoped drawing altogether i think imma post one of my old picks too see what sweet has to say about it, that guy cracks me up…