Concepts and ways to maximize Wesker's damage in combos

Wesker is a character capable of unleashing tons of damage with very basic combos. I’ve noticed in the combo thread for Wesker, the damage of the combos shared and presented seem to be quite minimal. I’m not sure if others are holding out or what not but I guess I will start sharing with my findings.

 The team I use is Wesker (Samurai Edge), C. Viper (Burning Kick), and Magneto (EM Disruptor). The combos I provide are just a few of the variants and iterations I found.

J.:s:, :d::m:, :d::h:, :qcf::l:, dash(if not in corner), :df::h:, :d::m:, :s:, J.:h:, J.:s:, :a2:, :df::h:, dash(if not in corner), :s:, J.:m:, J.:h:, J.:s:, :a1:, :df::h:, :qcf::m:, ender
(without ender) 651,800
:qcf::l:, dash, :df::h: 677,600
:qcf::atk::atk: 816,900 (that’s the max I have gotten so far)
:dp::atk::atk: 1,101,800

 For an easier combo with less requirements on timing and more meter but slightly less damage you can replace both after launch sequences to J.:m:, J.:m:, J.:h:, J.:s:.

(without ender) 629,600
:qcf::l:, dash, :df::h: 649,300
:qcf::atk::atk: 780,300
:dp::atk::atk: 1,079,600

 You can actually remove 1 assist from the combo and end with ghost butterfly after your assist hits for practically the same damage with phantom dance which I have gotten up to 786,300. If you hit with less than I believe its 13 or 14 hits you can actually do :s:, J.:h:, :qcf::atk::atk:.

Damage Scaling:

 With damage scaling being such a huge factor in how much damage you can do with your combos it is best to leave out :l: attacks unless you need it to hit confirm and only use :m: to link your combo from a cobra or for positional timing when you launch the opponent into the air due to the properties of knocking down someone from the air. So it is best to use :h: and :s: as the basis of most of the hits in your combos.

An example for instance of using this mindset is J.:s:, :s:, J:s:, :a2:, :df::h:, dash (if not in corner), :s:, J.:h:, J.:s:, :a1:, :df::h:, :qcf::m:
(without ender) 604,000
:qcf::l:, dash, :df::h: 658,200
:qcf::atk::atk: 778,000
:dp::atk::atk: 1,054,000

Another factor is using assists that hit multiple times which drastically scales your damage and hitstun decay. If you noticed with the team I have assists that hit very little.

Hitstun decay:

 Another huge factor in what has limited damage is hitstun decay because you have to choose with what you hit with wisely, but there is away around it sort of. The key is to abuse unrecoverable state inducing hits such as wall bounces, ground bounces, and soft knockdowns to help link hits at the end of your combos. If you noticed my team, both of my assists provide soft knockdowns. I don't recommend Viper's burning kick as a great combo extender because the timing is quite strict especially after hitstun decay, but that is what I must work with due to my team composition. There are plenty of assists to take advantage of you just need to find what works best for your team.

Maximizing Damage with Phantom Dance:

 I know people have said this many times but yes this is crucial. It can be a very mediocre combo finisher to quite an exceptional one depending on your positioning. If you noticed the formula I have for my combos they all bring the enemy to the corner which you can use ghost butterfly to get the enemy practically in the middle of the screen each time to maximize hits.

Final Thoughts:

 I hope this helps my fellow Wesker players out there in increasing there damage potential with him. This topic is open to discussion and I welcome the whole community to give their input and insights on this subject. If you guys do find this thread somewhat resourceful and want me to provide information on strategies, ways to play Wesker more effectively, and ways to approach certain matchups/situations I will post information sometime in the future.