Conceptual 3S rebalance thread (keep rebalance discussion in here!)

I know this is a touchy subject that brings a bit more controversy and derails threads a bit easier than a lot of the other topics discussed about the game. As a veteran player of the game going to no less than 4 Evos in the game and almost placing within top 8 at the game with Ibuki of all characters I don’t really share any sentiment towards a rebalance of the game. I just want the same game that the other top players played so I can bring my Ibuki to that higher level of play that I couldn’t get to before.

For those newer and older players alike that would prefer a rebalance this is a thread specifically to discuss and debate (hopefully with some sort of civility) the pros and cons of a rebalanced mode. This topic obviously isn’t going to go away anytime soon so this is a place to specifically discuss it away from the other more arcade version based discussions. We’ve had conceptual rebalance threads before and that seems to work out pretty well where rebalance discussion had its own thread. Keep that stuff in here or actions will be taken and don’t get into name calling centric shouting contests over this shit k thx.

why do people talk about this still…? it’s already announced that they aren’t going to re balance the game.

I’d like to see genei gin’s meter lengthened so it can’t activate two or three times a round guaranteed. Maybe a slight damage nerf on chun sa II. I don’t have enough experience outside of the top seven characters to suggest anything else, and since I started playing on PS2 in 2008, I’m sure most folks will probably take issue with the two suggestions I just laid out anyway. That’s probably fair, because I’m pretty bad.

I’d also like to see Alex and Necro made more competitive but I’m not sure how.

Make everything invincible. Ever motion, every move, everything. Call it Street Dancer 3: 3rd Strike. Always go to a judgement to see who got served the worst.

I like where you’re going with this but do realize that Elena will be top tier. Is that really an improvement over CHOON RI?!?

Actually rebalance DLC is a possibility that hasn’t been ruled out and isn’t too difficult to imagine. Unless Capcom wants to charge $15 for new character colors and 2I backgrounds.

Sven made a point of saying that 3S is probably not going to sell as much as MVC2 or HDR, so that’s why they’re going with DLC to recoup cost. And for DLC to be profitable, it has to be something that the majority of players will buy. What could this possibly be that will cost about $10-15?

So long as you could play OG 3S and Rebalanced 3S then why are some of you guys so mad?

Rebalance-wise: Nerf Chun and Yun. Longer Genei Jin meter, depletes at the same rate as it did before, but he can’t charge it up in 4 seconds. Nerf Chun’s SA2. Either nerf the damage, delete the SJ cancel, or make it one Stock and a little longer to build. Add more recovery frames to her best normals like bHP, tHP, crMK, crHK, etc.

If you want to go one step farther; delete Makoto’s Touch of Death with SA2. Take away some of her guessing game with that shit. Urien, Oro, and Yang’s unblockable setups are debatable.

That alone, even just nerfing Chun and Yun by *that *much makes the Low Tier characters viable. All but Sean and Twelve.

Now, if they do want to continue tweaking, only minor things are needed like an extra link or buff a super. For example with Alex just make crMP linkable with EX Shoulder or EX Flash, make SA1 1 frame, SA2 pulls them in on hit instead of pushing them away (if they block they get pushed away), leave SA3 as a joke super. Make Necro’s Jumps faster. Make Elena able to link off of crMK. Give Q’s Punches faster startup and more priority. I’m tempted to say he should link Punch off of crMk but that would make him too strong I think. A lot of little things like that.

(these changes are conceptual and for fun. I will still “learn” regular ol’ faithful)
[]Command grabs ALWAYS beat throws – hey, if it whiffs you’re dead anyway.
]Remove Chun’s SJC from SA2 – having great SA2 opportunities is one thing, but a hugely advantageous mixup right after the best Super is monstrous.
[]Remove errant/floating hitboxes – IIRC some of Chun’s normals have these.
]Bring down Yun’s meter gain.
[]Alternatively, stop Yun meter gain from juggles in/after GJ (building half-meter as you’re comboing).
]Stop Supers whiffing ON HIT – all Supers should “pull in” if they detect a hit-state.
[*]If a Ken finishes the round with a taunt, his son Mel appears and punches him in the balls – (pet peeve).

From the interviews it does seem like a rebalance in the form of DLC might be possible. but no veteran player would be “mad” about it per se. just disaapointed.

Why? Cuz we know we are better than and always will be better than any player in favor of rebalance. I will troll the shit out of a rebalance mode online. lol Until this “make it easier” line of thinking changes we will always be behind the japanese and the old guard in the US will always be the ones winning tournies

remove mixups after SA2, low tiers not winning, sf4 type linking, etc. the people asking for rebalance are never satisfied either and SF4 is a CURRENT example of this. now everybody is crying about AE Yun. Vanilla sf4 top tiers wouldnt be afraid of AE Yun. They should have kept them as is lol now to satisfy the crying capcom is more than likely going to nerf yun and maybe Oni.

casual players new guys and spectators are the ones mostly crying for a rebalance…its mind boggling, “I hate seeing yun and chun win all the time…rebalance that shit” shit has really gone soft in the FGC

I do wish AE ver.2 buffed everyone up instead of the inevitable Yun nerfs, true.

Add in some sort of charge attack that can take at least one hit while charging, and make meter fill up from taking damage not wiffing normals. Also change the 3 in the name to a 4 and maybe remove parries?

If they decide to go in and muddle with things 6 months from now I don’t think anyone will really care.

It’s not a bad idea to drive sales either. Just as long as it’s something added on to a game that plays 99% like the cps3 version.

I don’t understand the minor changes ideas. If you’re going to talk about the whole game being tweaked however you might as well actually think about it and be creative. things like gj has a longer bar or doesn’t gain meter during combo are really just weak suggestions. Same with chun only 1 stock on sa2, come on, try a bit harder.

If they do rebalance it EVER, it better be a totally different game when they’re done. It should feel like 2I to 3S. Then you might gain some support. If it’s just 3S Whiny Baby Edition that really won’t be worth anyone’s time.

ya. like maybe adding the ability to tech roll after being hit by super (which i dont think you can do in any SF game…except maybe a2 and a3? gotta check on that)

only balance changes i’d like are in the roster. add some new characters!! like 8 more lol i want the team who came up with urien, makoto and Q to create some new characters for 3S if i had my way

I see why some people who suggest a rebalance catch some flack.

I do not like the idea of completely eliminating things like “no SJ after Chun Super” or “no juggle after Makoto Super and Yun Super”.

Just buff the bottom up, give them some of that cheap shit. Nerfing top down just means make everyone bad, play AE if you want a roster full of mid and low tier worthy characters.

Yeah I’d really love to see the original team of guys who worked on stuff for the 3 series come up with more 3 series characters.
If they ever do some kind of game that takes place post 3S and is based on 3S they really need to try and get input from the original artists/designers. Such good style although I would say it didn’t come together 100% till 3S.

Give Q 1~5F strike invuln on EX Slaps.
Give Sean 1~5F strike invuln on EX Shoryu
Give Twelve faster startup on NDL and faster recovery on LP NDL
Give Hugo faster startup on all MP normals and command normals.
Give Remy better reversal properties on flash kick.

Take Chun’s Back Fierce hitconfirm away or make SAII one meter.
Increase Yun’s SAIII meter length to 3/4 meter or full length.
Increase Ken’s SAIII startup to 3F. (The shit can reversal on hit…)
Decrease Makoto stun 2% across the board.

This should be fine, for the most part. I can see Akuma moving up a bit, but it should keep the tiers mostly in place while bringing the overall balace tighter. Q will probably be up behind Urien, now, though. :smiley:

^ I would be pretty cool with just Twelve having a cancellable ndl(make it so it can only be cancelled early and not late)…

That should definitely be enough to push him up the tiers a little…

Can’t speak for other characters…

…They just better not fuck with my Rendo-Kan Karate.

Looks like everyone here knows why Yun, Chun, Ken is good but don’t know why the rest of the cast is shit. All these suggested balance nerfs are just going to make 3s turn into HDR aka “top tier nerfed so all the shit tier characters are instantly better,” sirlin’s words.

Some elena suggestions:

-decrease recovery frames on c.lp and so that they can combo into each other
-ground link combo (3 hits)
-Ex rhino horn is safe on block (and pushes them into the corner)
-Increased damage on SA1
-make parrying easier/fix hitbox

Some yang suggestions
-st. mp pushes yang a little closer to the opponent for link into st. lk
-SA1 freezes opponent until finished (so it does not whiff on some AA opportunities)

makoto suggestions
-cannot 100% stun anyone (would require a sort of extensive mixup)
-reduced priority on
-tiny bit reduced damage on j.HP and st. HP
-st. HP causes more hitstun frames (allowing SA2 to hit regardless of area on stage)
-SA1 can only have full damage on a punish, no combos into it will give full damage (like c. lk or s. lp)
-A2A tsurugi causes instant knockdown (regardless of strength)
-fukiage hitbox gets fixed

Yeah, but that’s easier :wink: