Concerning 3rd Strike 2on2


Two things I would like to address about the 3rd Strike 2on2 at Evo. And before I say anything, I am very grateful for 3S still being in Evo and is very excited that it is teams. However, I ask:

  1. WHy is 3rd Strike 2on2 instead of 3on3? I know it probably has to do with time constraints, 1 teammate might be playing in another game, etc. But can we get a complete explanation for someone in charge?

I think personally the 3on3 actually runs faster than the 2on2, besides the fact that one of your teammates might be on a different game, and this could happen in 2on2 also. But its easier because 3on3 will equal lesser teams and considering how Evo runs its pools, most teams will be together waiting at the pool brackets anyways. I’ve ran countless 2on2s and 3on3 tournies at FFA and Denjin Arcade, and 3on3s were honestly a lot more easier to do, less time consuming and much more exciting, as SBO also has the 3on3 format.

  1. The 2on2 format that is planned for Evo, where both players get to play is a really bad format. I know it is probably because they want both players who entered to play and not just be carried by the first guy who never loses, but this is almost impossible. I’m sure no one wants to team up with dead weight just because they are with a friend and also, this format is rather confusing to people. I’ve ran this format many times also at FFA and these tournies were not very exciting either.

I think the main problem with this format, and no one has to agree with me on this or not, but I have a lot of experience with this, is that, it takes away from the momentum of the game. The player who wins, might be HOT, and he has to take a seat to his teammate because of the format. 3rd Strike is a momentum game and that completely takes away from it. At SBO 2005 when 3rd Strike was 2on2, it was regular Pokemon format.

This is just my opinion, please add on if you guys have any thoughts or suggestions.


Yeah I agree with this. Though I’m glad as hell that 3s is at evo again this year [yay], I’m still wondering why not 3v3 instead of 2v2. Like I said in the other thread, time constraints? Or are there other reasons that are obvious but just not posted?

If the format stays 2v2, I would also advise that it switches to ‘pokemon’-style. Example: Player A and B against Player C and D.

Player A v Player C, and if Player A wins, then he plays Player D [Player C’s partner]. We’ve held game-newton format [which is currently the one in place] at Keystone a couple times before, and those matches are relatively slower-paced. Player A might be on top of his game for the first time in his life, but game-newton format would stop whatever momentum he was building up.

If anything, make it pokemon-style, please.


It’s so we can only see Yun/Chun guys, I mean if we have 3 on 3, there’s going to be variety in the finals, we don’t want that!

Okay I kid, but I’m really wondering this too, and I don’t even give a shit about 3s.


evo2k says A-cho format
isnt that 3vs3 single elim pokemon style

not 2v2 double elim round robin like evo has setting it up as


Why do you bother to even post that then if you dont care about 3s???

Anyway, 2 or 3 person teams are fine with me.

Pokemon or old ST style format is fine I guess.


well wat yi says is true third strike is about momentum sometimes and being hot does help out alot. It Sucks when you beat someone and then have to sit down to wait and see if your partner can beat the other guy where if he loses then the other guy is on the momentum :confused:
I like the Pokemon Style better but hey im just happy EVO Brought back third strike and in a 2v2 Style!!!

Oh yeah wat up YI!! i say yi/amir for EVO!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw you playing 3S last night on GGPO.

I honestly don’t care either way. 3S just being there in the first place is enough for me. If it was just singles again I’d be completely fine.


3vs3 SBO style is ideal. It makes for the most exciting matches and I think would benefit Evo to have the most exciting year of 3s with such a format. Especially if this is potentially the last year.


3v3 is the ideal format for 3s. while 2v2 is a step up from 1v1 in terms of potential excitement for spectators, it has a number of shortcomings (most of which yi already said).

2v2 game newton format really is a drag to play a lot of times. arcade common sense says that when you WIN, you dont get up and let someone else play - you keep playing until you lose, while your teammates cheer you on. 3v3 is hype, while 2v2 is sluggish.

3v3 also has the fun of playing rock paper scissor with teammates to decide who goes first, second, and anchor.

happy to see 3s back at evo. pokemon style 3v3 will make it even better.


yi, i totally agree with you. You have all valid points. but on the flip side. having it 2on2 makes it much easier for most people to assemble a team, that can atleast be decent. you know? when ggxx was teams in the past years, they were 3on3. Yeah it was easy to get teams going for people that were in hotspots with a huge influx of players. But people from small areas, that could be pretty decent, have no choice but to team up with a couple mediocre players, or one good player, and one random shit player, which really diservices the good player that should be entitled to a better team. most people just go on the forums at the last second, just asking for any random dude to be on the team, just so they can be in the tourney. Or they wait til evo and scrounge for a last second player or 2.

hell, it happened to me at cali regionals for ST 3on3. I couldnt get a good team together. So i just made a random team at the last second before the tourney started with my AZ buddies that dont even play ST, and I take st pretty seriously. Just made a random team, just so I could play in the tourney. kinda unfair advantage to those that have way more access to good players.

Thats pretty much been my issue with team tourneys in the US for the longest time. It’s really hard for a lot of us, that dont live in socal or some other hotspot, to assemble a 3 man team thats actually worthwhile. Plus there’s all the political bullshit on being chosen or booted at the last second. a 2 man team makes it much much easier for most people.


i wished there was a 3on3 but 2on2 is pretty much fine too


everyone knows that only a select few teams/players will have a high chance of placing in any tourney (whether it be singles, 2v2, or 3v3). unsurprisingly, most of these teams will be from hotspots since thats where the competition is. if everyone only wanted to enter evo if they had a sure shot at placing, then marvel would have < 10 entrants every year.

that doesnt mean everyone else should feel hopeless, and not even bother entering if they have to team up with 2 weak players. the best thing to do is to cheer for them when they play, and then perform miracles when its your turn. if past SBOs are any indication, then crazy things can happen in 3s team tourneys…


yes and every player wants to maximize their chances as doing as good as possible. and its shitty that only some people have this luxury. There are good people in other regions. But when they have to team up with 2 random people just for the sake of getting a team so he can play in the tourney, its not fair to him. What if his team faces a top socal team, and damn near ocv’s the socal team and loses by like a pixel against the 3rd guy and now the shit random players have to play and they obviously lose?

This isnt japan where there are 28762876487264872 good players within a 200mile radius.

These tourneys are not all about the best players only, they dont drive this scene, the average player does, since they make up like 95% of the attendance. And im sorry, team tourneys, while fun, really cater to top players. and top players that have easy access to fellow top players to easily assemble a team. It’s bad enough that people that live in cali, NYC, ETC, already have a huge advantage as it is for having a lot of constant comp, team format adds up even more advantage. There are people out there that are solid that arent from socal, norcal,or NYC and don’t get it as easily and have a much lower chance of doing well. Atleast with 2on2 format, its not as brutal for those players.

Dont get me wrong, i still like team tourneys, they are fun, and its fun for the spectators since there is more variety in characters. I just dont think they work in the US that well.
thats just my 2 cents


With SF4 being the heavy hitter this year, I don’t think a significant number of complete noobs are even going to be that interested in joining 3S. In light of that, those people having trouble finding partners doesn’t seem like a factor that outweights all the others, especially considering that the game is old and lots of people are either good or have had time to become good but didn’t use that time wisely.


ok and what if, theres a strong player, and theres no more other players really available to team up with him, then i guess hes just SOL? he either teams with crap players, or he doesnt enter. this is reality, many people have this problem. or(very generic example) what if i team up with 2 buddies that are really good, but then yi approaches me and one of my teammates and want s to team with us. and i accept, i dump my 3rd in favor of a stronger player, now the 1 guy is screwed without a team(this happens often). atleast with a 2on2, this is much less of a burden

3s may be old, and gotten stale, but there are still new players all the time. and once again, team format really helps get rid of the stale matchups. Im just being objective about 2v2 vs 3v3. and 2v2 makes it a little more accessible for most players


pokemon format or bust.

3s never dies :clapdos:


Yea, seriously 3v3, each team lets a person start, loser is out and winner remains until loses. Team that lost a player can decide which person goes next.


3v3 sbo pokemon style is the standard format, why deviate from it? 2v2 waseda style is so awkward. those of us who have been playing 3s competitively have been playing the sbo format for years now because ultimately, playing at sbo is the holy grail for 3s players. yi is 100% right about 3s being a momentum game. this format eliminates traditional ocv’s which are pretty much 95% of what makes a team tourney exciting.


Evo isnt SBO, lets remember that. We want people to be able to find a team, without struggling. Almost always in 3on3 the scrubs go first in the team (or they dont get to play), wasting peoples time since the anchor is just going to win them anyway.

In 2on2 chances are they will have to step up more than once to win it for their team, and thats what we thrive for, the competition factor.


As a person who bitches regularly about things not being the way they should be,

I have to say that I’m really shocked to see the negative reaction for 2v2 Waseda style. I think it’s not only totally fine, but like Sabre and Wizard said, is actually more suited for Evo’s player base. Not to mention, SBO is still only a month afterwards (and the people who care about 3v3 will be there, myself included) so it’s actually really refreshing to see this format done for 3S.