Concerning flatulence and interviews


So last last week, something happened that almost never happened: I got called in for an interview at a company. The position is temp, to cover somebody on maturity leave, but anyways. So I went in for the interview on Thursday. There may have been a few questions that I gave shorter answers to than I should have, but I got through the whole interview in one piece. But then, something occured to me. It is something that will haunt me forever…

I think I farted right before I walked into the building. Now, I really need to know the science behind flatulent aromas and how long they last. Because, see, I must have spent at least 10 minutes filling out an application before being interviewed, and I need to know if that is enough time for it to dissipate completely.


[]It’s ‘maternity leave’
]You’re fat and your fart smells, they won’t hire you


“maturity leave” is that the name of your condition?


If the fart stank as badly as this thread you’ll never work again.


Trying way too hard.


I fart whenever I speak with a manager in their office. Gets you out of disciplinary meetings lickity quick.


Oh, BeGuiled.
:rofl: :woot::tup:


Quality BeGuiled thread right hurr.


If this is quality BeGuiled, I’m convinced he’s Chinese.

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That’s the previous hire that went on maturity leave

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i hear once when william shatner was interviewing leonard nimoy, nimoy let once rip and it got captured on audio. but that may just be a rumor.



where did you find that picture???!!!