Concerning world domination with robots


Hey all,

I used to do stick illustrations on commission a few years back and am returning to this forum to announce the project I’m currently working on to those of you who still passionately play fighters (I miss playing but I hardly have time anymore =[ ).

Instead of crafting custom sticks, I’m doing something a bit more involved. In short, I’m making an army of robots I’ve designed which I’m currently controlling the motions of with a hacked Kinect. If anyone here has ever thought about getting your feet wet with electronics, I suggest you check out the delta robot kit I’m currently Kickstarting. The money I raise will go towards the army I’m building, and I’ll be releasing all the code I develop so you can try it out yourself. It’s like legos, but better. =]

Here is some footage of me controlling the bots I’ve built so far with the kinect :

You can visit my KS here if you’re interested…
If not, tell your techie friends about it : Robot Army Starter Kit


Oh yeah, this is what my robot looks like ^.^ :


Oh yeah- here’s another cool one :


I was expecting this, I was disappointed:


We should have a robotics thread


It would just devolve into a sex thread.


I have a robotic tongue that licks a lollipop mounted in the gem encrusted tip of a giant strap-on made of PVC pipe. I’ll post that too if it gets the attention I’m looking for.