Concerns about MVC3 (take 2)

Well, since my other thread got locked, I’ll post it again here. And if the mods were actually doing their job, they’d realise that just because I post some concerns about a game does not make it trolling. These are valid, critical points of discussion, and I was hoping we could hold a sensible debate on them. I didn’t expect members to be so simple-minded as to ridicule me for posting even the slightest negativity on their favourite upcoming game. I remember last year I wrote about similar shortcomings for Street Fighter IV (my only thread that year), and it also got locked. So let me make this very clear to everyone:


Now let’s review what I wrote earlier:

All your complaints are unfounded and dumb.

Hmm, great thought process here. “Hmm, my first thread got locked, but it couldn’t possibly be my fault. No, it’s everyone else’s fault, and these crappy biased mods. I’m going to do it again because they must’ve learned their lesson after five minutes and if they lock it again, this forum is trash.”

Yeah, this is going to go well.

The reason your thread got locked is because your complaints are uneducated and superficial… I can’t believe you’re actually winging about Capcom having to hire voice actors, I don’t even know what to say to that…

You could’ve just taken this to the MVC3 General discussion thread…but no.
Stop being salty.

You see, mods? THIS is what is called trolling. Punish him, not me.

What about the story dude?! you forgot to complain about that!


Because we don’t know what the story is yet. Do I have to spell it out for you?

Wait, you’re calling people who are giving you crap bc you are “concerned” about the voice acting in a fighting game simple-minded…Wow.

in b4 lock:clown:

You do realize that

[] they probably already have a final roster and have had the voice actors do lines for all of them
] the voice actors they have now are possibly not the ones that are going to be used in the final build
[] dlc characters can go eat a dick
] this is a completely asinine thing to make two threads about

The voice actors thing is a complete non-issue and trivial to fix.
Hulk and Ryu might actually the viable in this game is somehow making it unbalanced?
Also, best I remember no one was able to relaunch off the grounding, just super. Just seems none of the characters can travel full screen that fast.

It’s not simple minded. If you were actually paying attention to the previous games, you’d notice that the everything I’ve said about the voice-acting drawbacks is true!

Take Spider-Man for example. He started off in Marvel Super Heroes and had one Hyper Combo, the Maximum Spider. Capcom recorded the voice actor shouting this move, but when the Crawler Assault and Ultimate Web Throw were included, Spidey only had generic cries for these moves. It’s the same with Hulk. He only says “Gamma Crush”, but was reduced to roars for the Gamma Wave and Gamma Quake added later. Ditto for Wolverine, Blackheart, Dr. Doom and others.

So you see, Capcom never bother to hire back the voice actors to shout these extra moves. If you think that’s bad, what makes you think they’ll hire back the voice actors to shout a few extra character names? Looks like I was right after all.

WTF DOES IT MATTER WHETHER YOU’RE RIGHT OR WRONG?! What the fuck are you planning to accomplish with this thread?

I’ll just leave this here…

“10. Do not re-post a thread that has been closed or deleted. The mod had their reasons for closing or deleting the thread so do NOT go and make another one.”

Now, I realize this is my first post, but c’mon. If I had to read and agree to the rules then why don’t seasoned members do the same?


Yes, I totally agree that defines you. I’m still waiting to hear a valid rebuttal to my criticism.

You registered just to scold me for re-posting a thread that was justified in the first place? And I’m the troll here? Get lost, squirt.

I never said I made my account to scold you, I said it was my first post.

Sadly, the first post I see is this. I came to this site because of my love for games, not to throw hissy fits about my threads being deleted.

Carry on everyone!

This is my favorite type of troll. Continue.