Concerns about MVC3

I’m as stoked as everyone else about MVC3, but there are a few things about it that have been bothering me. The first is the lack of balance. As you’ve probably noticed, characters lie on the ground for much longer than MVC2, allowing the likes of Hulk to connect a Gamma Tsunami even if he’s on the other side of the screen, and I’ve seen him combo a Gamma Crush on Felicia even though it didn’t hit her on the way up. Plus, it looks like Hyper Combos are still possible even after a Aerial Rave knockdown, which makes it seem reasonable that players can also launch opponents into a second aerial rave. This creates an unfair imbalance and long combos will become overly easy to execute. Moreover, the hit detection on some Hyper Combos is way too big. It’s impossible to jump over a Hyper Charging Star now, and Ryu can aim his Shinkuu Hadouken like a Super Optic Blast, making avoiding one impossible. Capcom’s attempt to beef up the moves for this sequel has killed the gameplay balance.

Secondly, I’m worried about the voice acting. Characters now call their partners names when they tag out, which seems cute, but I’m not sure Capcom was planning ahead on this one. Right now we have ten characters available and all their voice acting was recorded for them. But as soon as Capcom adds new characters, they’ll have to call back those voice actors to the studio just so that they can record them calling the new characters names. And if you want to plan even further ahead, assuming Capcom make another sequel with more characters, they’ll have to track down the 30+ voice actors for the exisiting characters, or 60+ if you want to include the japanese seiyuu. It’s more than likely that some of them won’t be available for another session. Capcom obviously didn’t anticipate what a shortcoming name-calling could be.

Your part about the voice acting is totally off base and I am sure that the people will be happy to come to work and get paid to yell out character names.

You’re still not thinking this through. Even if the voice actors were willing to return for another session, Capcom might not be willing to pay for it. Take Marvel VS. Capcom 2 for example. Most of the characters were recycled from earlier games and no further voice acting was required, but Capcom won’t be able to take that approach for another installment because of the cost of re-hiring the dozens of voice actors for the existing characters to simply shout a few new names. Capcom might deem it too cumbersome and expensive a task to undertake, hampering chances for a sequel.

So there’s not gonna be MvC4 because of the voice acting?

Also, this game doesn’t come out for another year. Plenty of time to balance it.

Voice acting is irrelevant to the game. They’ll just hire other actors if it becomes a problem.

As for the gameplay concerns, game’s still early so cool off. There’s nothing imbalanced about it if everyone can do something insane.

Voice acting is more than relevant in any game. Did you read my last post? Whether Capcom hires new voice actors or brings back old ones, they’ll still have to pay them just for the simple task of shouting a few new names. It’s an expensive task for such a simple addition and it might turn Capcom off.

Or, they could, you know, just not bother? It’s not that relevant. This isn’t a movie. Hell, Capcom could just get some random people off the street to do it. VA’s are the LAST thing that will keep this game and any possible sequel from being made. It’s not like the majority of people who’ll buy this are thinking “Damn, it’s just a random joe off the street doing insert character here, game’s going to suck, I’m not buying this crap”.

As much as I hate quoting myself. Apparently some people cannot read.

Tit for tat, as they say.

Okay the game is just over 30 characters, half of those charters had silhouettes when the first trailer came out, do you really think the others are completely random. Even if there were 30 characters competing for the last 15 slots how hard is it to just get the VA to read off all 45 (or 100) names on the first sitting. I’ve accused capcom of alot of stuff on this forum, but even i don’t think they’re that stupid.
I want the last minute of my life back.

Here’s the problem with your argument. You’re assuming that Capcom’s not thinking of how much they’re going to make with the game. You just assume they’d be too worried about paying the VA’s and thinking it will override their profits.

What they’re going to make with MvC3 will override ANY possible doubts and concerns about things like VA’s. The rerelease of MvC2, a 10 year old game, became one of the highest selling, if not THE highest selling Xbox Live Arcade Games and PSN Games of all time. Now take that, add in the wealth of advertisement it will probably have, more relevant characters to this day and age, and the new wealth of casuals that are now interested in the genre, and they could drown in their profits. You honestly think with that potential, they’re really worried about bringing people in to say a couple of words?

You kinda lost me there. What do you mean by “do you really think the others are completely random”? I think that Capcom hasn’t finalised the character roster yet, which means that they’ll still have to bring in the current voice actors for another session. I seriously doubt that Capcom will ask the voice actors to record the names of a hundred random characters from Marvel and Capcom and then decide which of those will be included in the game. It’s too piecemeal.

Hell I’ll do it for free, I do an awesome Wolverine impression

I’m pretty sure Capcom at the very least already knows how much the industry rates are for voice actors for a game of this type and have already allocated money for it based on how many characters they’re planning. Even if they don’t know exactly how many characters the final game will have, they most likely have already set an upper cap on how many they can add based on their budget.

Not finalized and they have no idea who the other characters are are two different things

  1. Take the fact that about half the cast had silhouettes
  2. The game was modelled after TVC so there will most likely be more TVC charcters in it.
  3. At this point in development do you really think they are milling through hundreds of possible characters to see who will make the final cut? At this late point if you still think anyone you ask for is a possibilty to get into this game you’re crazy.
  4. How long does it take to get someone to say one word?

How do you know this? for all we know all the character models could be complete by now and the roster finished, they’ve apparently been working on the game since 2008.
And even if they have to bring in the voice actors again, so what? I highly doubt everything in the game so far was recorded in 1 session anyway.

Why not? if they’re paying the voice actors they can tell them to say whatever they want.

Has this thread seriously degenerated into an argument about whether or not Capcom can afford to pay voice actors?

I’m facepalming SO damn hard right now…

Wow, this is one of the most ignorant threads I have ever seen created in this sub forum. Voice acting? a concern in a fighting video game? lol?
[Allen Iverson] We are here having a conference about MvC3 concerns and you are talking about voice acting? VOICE ACTING? seriously [/Allen Iverson]

The worst part about this thread is that it comes off as well informed and intelligent; thereby making it harder on the mods to close or delete it.

Dude, just face the facts that it is not going to matter, there are just too many ways to prevent your “voice” concerns from being a problem within capcom that it is highly irrelevant.

As far as gameplay balance, your arguements on that are just not strong enough for discussion, or at least they are not clear enough to debate.

While watching an Evo 2010 match, I recall a Capcom spokesman saying that the game is currently “10% complete”. For a fighting game at such an early stage of development to have a complete character roster is absurd. If Capcom are smart, they’ll listen to fans who clamour for certain characters to be included in the game.

It’s funny how anyone who disagrees with that status quo on Shoryuken is immediately ridiculed, no matter how “well informed and intelligent” he sounds. Next time you make a thread, razorXZ, remind me to take the piss out of you.

How well and intelligent is your post exactly? Are these concerns of yours from firsthand game play experience(obviously not since you stated you watched the evo build). Have you been able to test any of these theories? How can you come to the conclusion that it’s imbalanced from this early on with most of the cast missing?

This thread sucks not because your not part of the “status quo” but you base it off of pretty much false assumptions of an incomplete product