Concise Yun Option-Select thread?

Do we have one? Can we get one? I’d like to know since I’m a scrub and need all the help I can get…

clk —> qcf —> slp.
This is for OS light lunge. If you do automatic qcf slp, you’ll get clk cancelled into light lunge. You have to get the qcf then push slp for this to work.

Edit: We really need to make some ground blockstrings with OS attached to it for Yun…

Recently I fought a feilong player that jumped a lot on wake up and did a lot of EX chicken wing as well. So I hit the lab to find something to prevent him from escaping the corner !
Ok so, yun is recorded, I play fei …
If fei does nothing on wake up, yun continues his blockstring.
First is a shoulder option select, it beats any jump attempt (even the neutral jump HK), the shoulder also autocorrect. If he does an EX chicken wing, shoulder will come out and beat it clean.
Second is basically the same thing with LK nishou.
If you have a super, you can hit confirm into geneijin for massive damage.
Keep in mind that these OS will lose to a flame kick … so you still have to read your opponent.
About the input it is :
for OS shoulder : 2LP, 32LP then whatever combo/blockstring you want.
for OS nishou : 2LK, 32LK then whatever combo/blockstring you want.
The timing to input the shoulder or the nishou is the same as the “classic” OS lunge punch.
The input leniency of sf4 allow you to input rather slowly …

WTF is 32 mean?

32 is on the number pad --> DF, D

In certain match ups (Ryu for example), after a shoulder, I’ve seen Daigo input xx lp.lunge to counter hit some pokes. Not much of an option select but more of a counter poke, timing is strict on this since you don’t want it to come out if the whiffs.

if your hitting him with a meaty attack he shouldn’t be able to jump anyways. That’s a free combo for you if the smartass wants to jump away…sounds good vs. CW tho.