CONCORD, CA - Player looking for friendly private games/tourneys

So… About me:

Located in Concord, CA
Heavily interested in Super SF4 AE but still “working the kinks out” of my amateur level game
Mains: Akuma, Ryu, Evil Ryu, Juri, Ibuki (and in that order)
Have own stick (PS3 TE)
Looking for local to Concord only (more frequent availability for matches)

Just looking to meet some people out in this area who may be interested in getting together for some genuine style gameplay. Skill level doesnt really matter to me, as long as you are not rude concerning my own lol and thats about it :slight_smile:

Hit me up here or you can email me at

We have weekly casuals at LMC in Pittsburg every Thursday from like 11-7pm and tourneys every Friday in Antioch. Come out if you can, there are new people every week, the Finest KO guys have been coming out lately as well.

ummm This aint no kids gathering. REAL MAN GAMES try pac north.