Concrete proof that Dead or Alive fans are delusional

This thread by Virtuapai, holy shit:
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-“In the creation of Dead or Alive series as a whole, Itagaki took the best parts of Virtua Fighter(VF), while continuously making the game more accessible. He likened Virtua fighter to a traditional sushi bar, while Dead or alive was a sushi bar with beautiful women on roller skates. In other words, It has a similar foundation to that of Virtua fighter, but high octane. This translate to a game that is fast, furious, brutal, deep as well as being very accessible. This is something that fighters as a whole are trying to achieve.”

-“VF as a series have been very brilliant in the way it engages players in both the defensive and offensive play styles it present. There is no surprise in DOA taking this into its own and putting a ?twist? on it. This ?twist? the fighting game community scoffed at, yet you can see VF (even Tekken and Soul Calibur to an extent) implementing many of these ideas.”

-“Dead or Alive cannot be that bad, if the highest acclaimed fighter has been borrowing from it for the past 15 years. Please do not get me wrong, I am not bashing VF, or trying to make it look worthless.It’s a brilliant fighter and the Doa series owe its creation to it. I just want you the Doa community to realize what a great game we have. Despite all the problems we may see in it, It may not be problems when other fighters are implementing what we have taken advantage of for years.”

-“We have shown that we have a dedicated community, shown that our game is just as challenging as any other 3d fighter, and shown the world during Evo that we are bad ass mother fuckers.”

-“Is Doa4 the perfect 3D fighter? No, but is it pretty damn close? Yes.”

Virtuapai, you are a scrub of the highest order, goddamn. You really think DOA is nearly the perfect 3d fighter? Have you ever played Tekken? Tekken is vastly superior to DOA. Tekken has far more depth, unlike anything you can imagine. And the fact you even compared DOA to a masterpiece game like VF shows you are off your damn rocker. Fucking scrub, better keep your scrub ass at DOACentral, because the last thing SRK needs is a DOA loving scrub like you, scrub.

the most pathetic thing about this article is you made a new account today to post this up. FAIL

A 2010 member talking shit lol

Well he does have a point. Did you really need to post this? Why cant we support the fighting game scene as a whole instead of breaking off into groups and bashing each other. Besides i think doa is a fun game

Because DOA is shit, and not a real fighting game, so it’s ok to bash it.

I wanna ask how but i probably already know your explanation. You dont like it but you cant discredit the fact that it is a fighting game and a damn good one for its playstyles. Heres hope for a DOA5

i don’t really like DOA, tekken or mortal kombat but if people like it then that’s cool…but when one person says their game is better yours, animosity immediately spawns…another troll thread if i ever saw one…

replace DoA with Smash and then this thread has potential

troll thread that serves no purpose, i wonder if you’ve ever played the game before because when credible people talk about why they hate said fighting game they will actually give mechanical and theoretical reasons as to why whether or not we agree with them.

-counters are broken bullshit
-you can counter during hitstun
-you can counter during blockstun
-you can counter when hit into a wall sometimes
-counters do too much damage
-counters use a single button, unlike counters in Tekken(ie. Asuka does it by tapping back and two attack buttons)
-DOA only uses 2 attack buttons, so combos are easy mode bullshit like ppppk and kkkkp. Tekken uses a vastly superior 4 button attack system that is limb correlated, meaning unlike DOA you have full control over your characters motions, allowing for truly intuitive combat.
-all characters have counters, thus making all characters play the same and homogenizing the cast. I can pick Bass and play him the same way I would Bayman or Zack or Ayane, since I can just use counters to bail my ass out of any combo

Game is mindless and inferior. Play a real game, play Tekken.

Also, interactive arenas have no place in a fighting game. Knocking people into cars and out of windows, wtf? Tekken keeps it simple and doesn’t waste time on that bullshit. Interactive stages ruin fighting games, just look at Smash, that game has interactive stages and it ruins the entire flow of the fights.

Well by the looks of things your original post is the one who is shit talking. Sure it’s no Tekken but we in the fighting game community should try and get it to grow. Hell, I never played Soul Caliber or Darkstalkers but I signed the petitions to get them remade. Any remake or new fighting game is welcomed in my eyes.

lol @ calling out my join date when your hiding behind a fake profile desperate to vent your anger at a game that isnt as bad as you make out to be. Too many immature internet hard men on here it seems.

if your mind can’t handle it’s simple rhythm keep it to yourself please

Yeah, Tekken totally never dabbled in interactive stages. Neither has VF. Ever. T4? VF3? T6’s floor system? What are those?

Sure, DoA is pretty trash, but so is this thread.

its ok buddy just play a different game and here is a tip when playing doa since no one wanted to tell you how to play the rock paper scissors game which is doa its all about pokes in that game to keep your opponent guessing which leads into big combos if your good you don’t need to counter, the game is not that complicated lol

Uh, Tekken 4’s stages were ass, why do you think they never went in that direction again since T5? And T6’s floor system isn’t the same, it doesn’t even affect the fight really, unlike DOA with guys falling off cliffs, into exploding walls and floors, and cars and dinosaurs and shit.

SRK 2010 is beastin

inb4 close/ban.

DoA and VF are ass.

Whoa, calm the fuck down there buddy… DoA sure… but Virtua Fighter=deepest fighter you’ll ever play… pretty well balanced too… see a nice variety of characters used…

I love how you went to DOA fansite, then went to a Street fighter site to talk trash about the series. Intelligence at its finest.:rofl:

VF has had plenty of threads, it’s not the deepest fighter ever despite many claims (Mostly from people who haven’t played it either in a casual or competitive environment, excluding you and VF4), just overcomplicated rock/paper/scissors with dull character designs.

I respect the player base and love top level matches, but as for playing it personally, it’s ass.