Concurrent Persona 4 Arena Tier List Discussion


These are the current tier listings for Persona 4 Arena in the arcades running version 1.02 which will be the console release version.

Tier list discussion informatino gathered together from P4U BBS:

The placing of characters in each group do not really have any specific order so take it with a grain of salt regarding characters that are frequently used and those that are not as frequently used.

7/23/2012 – General pre-console release list
S: Aegis, Mitsuru
A: Teddie/Kuma, Akihiko, Yu, Yosuke, Chie
B: S.Labrys, Labrys, Yukiko, Kanji, Naoto, Elizabeth

8/22/2012 – Jiyuna’s “Opinions from Japan Scene” Tier List, no order
S+: Mitsuru
S: Aigis, Yu
A: Chie, Teddie
B: Yosuke, Kanji, Yukiko, Naoto, Labrys, Elizabeth, Akihiko, S. Labrys,

Channels of interest for your Persona 4 Arena viewing pleasure to see these characters in action pre-release


That list is from before Naoto’s SMP loops were discovered, so I suspect she should probably be A-tier.


Don’t forget Mayonaka Arena for a Youtube channel.

But yeah, this game is pretty damn well balanced. Only character in that entire list I’m not afraid of is Shadow Labrys.


Also this channel uploads P4A regularly

Any idea if theres a matchup list around?


Supposedly the mook had info on matchups (but no frame data for whatever reason), but not only is that not for 1.02, they’re not online / translated anywhere I’m aware of.


P4A is now a main game at Seasons Beatings this year :tup:


Source? That’s god like.



:tup: Yup yup


Well it doesn’t surprise me since other majors have also put it in. It was just the next in line.


Tier list right now probably looks like this.
S Tier: Aigis, Yu, Mitisuru.
A+ Tier: Everyone else.

This game is looking to be one of the single most balanced 2D fighting games on launch ever made.


Agreed. Says a lot about the game’s balance. It’s so good and the general impression of this should have a good effect on people picking the game up and persevering with learning.


why it seems that every time that i pick interest on a character, he/she has the worst matchups in the game, lol (of course this never stops me on playing with them)
the characters that im interested the most on p4 are yukiko, kanji and elizabeth, and the 3 of them have the 3 worst matchups on the game, jajaja


not really, apparently

recent info from stunedge(who has actually played the games significantly in arcades) on dustloop:

(from onward)



i hope that you are aware that the chart is a joke from jiyuna


Looks pretty accurate to me


let me put the rest of the post to give you the context


Not seeing it Hecatom, looks perfectly valid. It’s from Jiyuna so you know it’s real.


where is the other 61%?


I had no idea that tier lists were so well thought out, bravo jiyuna.