Concurrent Persona 4 Arena Tier List Discussion


I am not disproving that if anything I agree completely in most of the major tier list Akihiko is dead last or at least the ones I have seen. I wasnt talking bout his kill rush being charged but his boomerang hook during the kill rush if you dont use it constantly it can at times catch people off guard. Also despite people saying his C is useless I find his jump C to gave some interesting zone options.


@Zerog Akihiko is certainly last, since has the least tools to “get in”. There isn’t a single character I can call an even match against in this game. Well. Akihiko, I suppose.

And his j. C is certainly a good tool since its a fast overhead, but its not hard to punish when blocked. Considering a lot of characters have attacks like that that arent as easy to punish, I’d say it’s still not good enough.

I love the character, from both the series and this game, but having lost my 80th consecutive match since reaching A+ and dropping back to C, I am growing tired of how helpless he is in** ALL **matchups.


Someone on Dustloop had a good point about the overall balance… those in the cast who are supposed to be zoners have weak defensive options (Elizabeth, Yukiko), the supposed rushdown characters have weak mixup potential (Kanji, Akihiko), and the all around characters have no real weakness at all (Mitsuru, Teddie).

I’m fucking around online with Teddie and winning a lot of matches just by randomness. He’s one of the better characters for sure


Kanji definitely has mixup potentials. At the very least, high-low mixups. And if he corners you, he’s unstoppable. Try to jump? Get air grabbed. Try evasive maneuver? Ground grab. Hop? Chair attack to air grab. R-Action? His grab AND his own R-Action go through them. Stand still for a sec to assess the situation? Grab, grab super if awakened, etc. He also has a bunch of options to “test the waters” before doing anything.


I agree that Akihiko is far from A-tier and I think he might be bottom 4. It’s too early for me to say for sure. I think his mix-ups are actually not that bad. You can easily make opponents fear the low option if you show it to them enough. His ex dash cross-up is impossible to react to. He is very dependent on meter to do things though. My biggest gripe with him is his normals. They aren’t bad but seriously lack the range to compete with most of the cast.


to me labry is bottom tier due to the fact she has no real advantage except the ability to build a sub resource around her axe level that can be cross over to rounds. But her axe level is not very consistent so she has to commit to certain style which make her very telegraphic at times. Besides that everyone else can do what she does better.


I don’t know, fatal counters are a big part of her game and she can get them from many random hits and convert into huge damage. I don’t think anyone else can do it nearly as well.


Akihiko is far from A tier in my opinion. Teddie is definitely not A tier either if you ask me. Also, I firmly believe Yukikio is way underrated. I main Mitsuru, but I’ve had some real success with Yukiko online. Plus, Yukiko is so much fun to use.


The punch(I assume you mean 5C and not the qcfx2+C punch super) can’t save Shadow Labrys after a blocked R-action unless it’s done way early, which you won’t get a chance to setup if Mitsuru is in your face. Also players with reactions will cancel their strings into R-action if they see her R-action. At low level play, everything you say might work because the players don’t recognize a lot of things.


IMO, online experiences should be taken with a grain of salt for balance.


rushing…mixups…eh personally I feel the pressure game in this fighter is really weak compared to other games.


It has a good pressure game, but also decent defense options (DP mainly, dodge mobility etc), because of that it might seem this way to you.


I don’t want to jump to conclusions about your skill/experience level with the game, but when you first start out it can seem like bursts/DPs/mashing out of pressure are very strong. However, once you learn how to bait and punish each of these options, you will realize that they all carry a high degree of risk, and it’s actually the attacker who has the advantage. For example, Mitsuru’s DP has something like 8 frames of startup, but on day 1 I would’ve called that move overpowered. Also, you may not be used to the movement options or blockstrings yet which make it easier for you to get in and stay in. P4A is, overall, a very quick and aggressive game.


Is it just me or does dodge have startup vulnerability frames? I couldn’t really use it on reaction to dodge anything except full screen projectiles. It definitely doesn’t seem to work like kof’s rolls.


Im not talking about mashing out or R action out or bursts, Im talking when someone is in my face I dont feel pressured at all, also moves are slow to me. I dont feel there are strong mixups, but that may have to do with me not facing someone really good yet.

i still like the game, dont get me wrong.


What does all this 7:3, 5:5 stuff mean? Does a 7:3 matchup mean that they should win 7 out of 10 matches in theory?




Dodge has 2F startup vulnerability


Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee go into detail on why Teddie is a bad match up, I’d love to know because I’d play him in a second to annoy the Mits’ around here.

Oh it’d be glorious~


I’m not a Teddie player, so take this with a grain of salt, but these seem like major points:
[]Teddie’s 5B beats Mitsuru’s ground pokes.
]Teddie’s R-Action gets him out of okizeme setups

Unrelated PS: If you think a matchup other than the three on the chart as 7:3 is 7:3, or think anything is worse than 7:3, you’re probably wrong.