Conditioning your opponent with Abel?



Hey guys, I’m trying to take my game to the next level. I’ve finally gotten past Abel’s execution barrier and started winning matches against people who are decent on Xbox Live. On the Evo Stream, I kept hearing the commentators talk about players “conditioning” their opponents, and so I was wondering if any of you had examples or tips for doing this with Abel. I’m aware that this varies on an opponent by opponent basis, but I think hearing some examples and tricks that you’ve used to do this would be interesting and helpful to those of use that want to start using Abel in tournaments. Thanks!


I’ve never played in a legitimate tournament in my life, but I think I can try to help? :stuck_out_tongue:
conditioning your opponent is just like a mind game the way I see it. One example that I use against scrubby players ONLY, like in not so serious matches, is that if they play a fireball character, and I feel I have a health advantage/lead (lots against Akuma), I let them get in a few disadvantageous fireballs throughout the match. You’re making them feel comfortable throwing hados, and they’ll get a little TOO comfortable. Later on down the road they won’t even think twice about throwing one and then you hit em with U1 (U2 works too thats just not what I use). You wanna make your opponent feel comfortable doing something that you actually WANT him to do. I’ll take a few fireballs to the face, or even just block em without trying to punish just to let them think they’re spacing me. Again, make them feel good about the way they’re playing and then hit em. Of course high level players aren’t dumb enough to throw a hado at an Abel with ultra, but that was a good example. when you hit em with c.fp, roll and falling sky. They’ll try to gather themselves, thinking they have a second to breathe. After doing that a few times hit em with a reset and force them to react. I like to dash kick for resets you put pressure on them and often they’ll make a mistake. Make sure you have a plan that is gonna mess with their head a little bit.
Basically, you’re making him watch one hand, and pickpocketing him with the other. That’s the concept. Make him SURE that he’s doing well, or SURE that you’re gonna do something, and then punish his confidence. Make sure you’re punishing and setting him up in a way that puts YOU in a position to win though. Don’t set him up the whole match just to get in a dash kick pokestring or a CoD (just saying)


Hado > Ultra is a bit TOO basic.

Conditioning with a character like Abel (with all those mix-up opportunities) almost always involves grab.

Easy example would be step kick. Step kick to normal throw. It’s his fastest move (3 frames), and has invincibility like the rest of the normal throws in the game. After a step kick, normal through to beat their lp/lk spam. Once they start teching your throws, that’s a free TT on your next step kick. Once they get scared and try to jump, st.HK or st.HP to keep them grounded.

This is all really basic though.