Conditioning yourself


I’m at the point now where I can pick up a new character, grind it out in lab for an hour or two, and then have the basic (and some more advanced) combos for them down pact. This is a huge leap from even just a couple weeks ago when I couldn’t do simple lights xx special hit-confirms/combos. Practicing one-frames all the time has really eased the stress of doing BnBs for characters like Cody, Cammy, Yang, Dudley, E. Ryu etc.

Currently, I’m learning Yang (and loving it), who will probably be my new main, at least for the time being. My question is this: how do you guys condition yourself to mix-up your setups and just mixing up your mix-ups in general? I feel like I get it in my head that I want to do a certain setup/mix-up and that’s all I’ll do for the rest of the match. How do you guys practice flowing from one to another? I know that it will come naturally with enough playtime, but do you guys have any tips or strats to help with this?


Play against people that aren’t at your level so that you have more opportunities to practice your offense.


How well does playing against the computer improve my game?


Things you can learn against a computer:

And pretty much nothing else.
You really need to play Vs. A computer won’t play like a person. You won’t know how to react to pressure, or what your ways in are for starting a combo.

By all means, practice mode is great offline once you know what your weaknesses are, but you need Vs or online Vs to establish your weaknesses.


I definitely agree with this. Playing online vs the computer is like a night and day difference. I’m actually looking forward to hearing more peoples ideas/training with this post as I struggle with trying to stick to a couple different characters as well combo execution.


Watch out when fighting the CPU.
You can very easily pick up bad habits and just go haymaker in a match, thinking something will hit… and get murdered for it.

It’s part of the reason I’m REALLY bad at MvC2 no. For a while, I had no competition and when there wasn’t online MvC2, i played the computer a lot… Bad things my friend, bad things.


All good advice…i recently found my team on SFxTk and am going online alot more…i usually do offline VS on the hardest difficulty just to warm up…i have found that i chose one team and ran with it…i tried to be one of those guys who can main any team and know all the moves…didnt work out how i wanted…


I used to do the same thing thinking that it would help with being an overall better fighter. Which I’m sure it can but then I come back to the fact that it comes with time. But the idea of sticking with a few good setups that seem to work have helped me out. I just need to get more online fights in.


Learn a team completely… That’s vital.
BUT, do learn other characters. ESPECIALLY learn characters you’re weak against. By learning them, you learn to exploit their weaknesses in a match. Example: I’m a ST Blanka player… I put two years of work in Claw because he gave me so much trouble. Even though he still a hardass to fight, I have a better success rate. It’s really important to learn other characters, this way you can learn to expect certain things when playing against them.


Vega and Blanka seems to give me a hard time as well and always have. Been trying new things lately as well as reading up a bunch on this site. So with some more time in the lab I think i’ll start to have a fighting chance hahah. But thanks again for the input/advice.