Confederate History Month


I was alluding to the ‘political agenda’ point. I’m just too lazy to bother writing anything. If you need to be reminded of your heritage, it’s pretty sad in the first place.


There were many people who died in/for the Confederate states, whites and blacks alike. Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers all died. They didn’t start the war, but they fought for their way of life (even if it was “wrong”*). This is how the US started. The OG Americans (not native) were the bad guys, the rebels. Yet we wave that flag on a daily basis.

*It wasn’t technically wrong to own slaves during that time.





I would love to see who attends the festivals around there for that shit.


During WWII, America placed Japanese, Germans, and Italians in “War Relocation camps.” Regardless of if they were American or not.

This has nothing to do with what you posted. Just saw you were from Stockton. My sister-in-law is the PR person for the Stockton Ports. That is all.


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Except the point is that America has done plenty of wrong in its time yet we still respect our heritage. You can’t say that one wrong was worse than another. There aren’t shades of wrong. You do bad or you do good. If there are shades of bad, then clearly your concept does not stand. It just so happens that slavery is not as bad as slavery AND genocide.


True facts. IN 2010, the fact that we have a black history month simply shows we still haven’t been able to effectively integrate black americans into AMERICAN history.

But the quoted portion is exactly why I’m weary of a confederate history month. It wouldn’t be about history, it would be about retconning the confederacy and mainstreaming it, something I can’t exactly say I support-- it being a treasonous movement and all.


saying the civil war (and by extension the confederacy) wasn’t about slavery is somewhat misleading. the south’s primary reason for seceding WAS the fear that slavery would be abolished and their economy (which was already pretty shitty) would get even more fucked up.


Pretty much. I agree with all of this.


I wonder if, in the month’s celebration, they will pay particularly close attention to tomorrow–the 145th anniversary of the date when Robert E. Lee and the damn dirty Rebs surrendered on their [sic] own soil. The [sic] is because using “their” recognizes the CSA as a sovereign entity and implies that the land belonged to them, as opposed to being temporarily borrowed from the USA through terrorist acts.


they were against the idea of federal government/banking aka the mess we’re in right now.


lol, ok buddy. what you don’t seem to understand is that the confederate states were rebelling against a forming central gov’t similiar to the one AMERICANS JUST ESCAPED FROM in england. you see, back then they had this thing called “states rights.” it doesn’t mean much today, but i’m sure if you research deep enough you’ll find some good info on it. for instance, did you know each colony used to have its own currency?

oh & btw, the civil war did not start over slavery, look it up.


this particular celebration of the confederacy is, however, a racist move, and is only being done b/c we have a black president.


Ummm…as noted in the article, these HAVE been done before, it’s just that the last two Democratic governors didn’t recognize it, the current one is Republican, which kinda makes a difference in the feeling on this issue.


The Confederates should have been allowed to leave the Union, taking the Bible Belt and all the Southern Baptists with them. Hence I will celebrate their history. Especially Stonewall Jackson, that guy was a hero.


i guarantee you had mccain (or any white candidate) become president, it would have continued to have gone unrecognized. there are tons of these little racist jabs all the time in politics now that obama’s in office. anything they can do to express their non-support for our president b/c he’s black, as long as it’s subtle enough to be denied, they will.


I love this bit of conservative revisionary history. The fact still remains that they only saw fit to go to war when the federal government clamped down on the ‘states rights’ having to do with slavery. Ignoring the fact that slavery played a huge component in the civil war is frankly offensive bullshit/nonsense.

It’s really ironic, considering we actually have records about what virginia had to say upon seceding from the union!

"Virginia?s attempt to withdraw from the union that their Ordinance of Secession cites the fact that the federal government ?perverted? its powers ?not only to the injury of the people of Virginia, but to the oppression of the Southern slave-holding states.? If virginia itself isn’t denying that slavery was part of the issue, why are people in 2010?


The Confederacy was so fucking retarded that the deep south still hasn’t caught up with the rest of the country. You’d figure they’d want to downplay that as much as possible.


Uhh fuck that, slavery is what they fought over. Let’s face it, stop avoiding the actual issue people.


oh & btw, the civil war did not start over slavery, look it up.

what exactly were the southern states most concerned that the federal gov’t was going to impose upon them? abolition. the south seceded bcuz they saw lincoln’s presidency as a clear threat to their way of life. perhaps you should “look it up”.