Confessions of a Marvel Scrub

Hey SRK. I know how were all such BIG FANS of new blood in our games, so I have decided to start a blog about my attempts to learn marvel via xbox live

my gamertag is SwmmrManShen. hope this will be relatively interesting

For some odd reason, im vaguely interested in this

I will check this out, sounds interesting enough.

yea, I’ll keep my eyes on this.

Yo Swmmrman, if you want, add me on live. I’m a scrub too, should be fair.

I just started playing myself if you want to add me. I’m trying to learn clockwork.


Looks cool. Im new too so feel free to add me. GT is Amaidues.

add me too, im a beginner at best.

just started playing 2 days ago
ADD me for scrub play

Interesting read, I like it! I’m new to the game too and completely horrible at it, add me if you want some scrub games (GT is under my avatar). Good luck with the blog :slight_smile:

Add me, I’m pretty bad.

You can add me if you want. Tag is THE FINEST619. Incredibly lame, I know, its my roommates 360.

you can add me also. i have no idea what i’m doing at all. poorhoor504

if you want to learn dont play other scrubs

new post, add me to google reader or whatever if youre interested.

Also I’m lazy, add me to xbox live yourselves if you wanna play.

Add me, I’m good. You’ll learn lots.

ill subscribe to the feed, play me some time.