Configuration question and help



Hi all,
Just got my first ever arcade stick after getting tired of playing Honda on the PS3 controller. I have a long way to go…

I started learning the piano technique and I was doing just ok for a newbie, about 30-40% consistency. I’m sure given time I’ll improve. This was with the default config

I customised my config to cos I find it a lot easier to piano the opposite way. I get HHS about 80-90% of the time in training mode with my own configuration.

So my question is should I stick with the default configuration and keep practising that way till I become quite consistent then perfect(that’ll take quite a bit of time) or should I stick with my own configuration which I find a lot more intuitive and I can achieve perfection in a shorter while?

Will playing with my config hamper me when I’m playing other characters or even in the long run?
I don’t think it will since I’m new to stick and I’ll just get used to it with everyone but I’d just like to have your opinions please.

Random info: I main Bison and he’s starting to get very boring hence movement to Edmond.

Thanks in advance


Personally, I’d never change the default config. I like to think that if I ever came across an arcade cab I could play just as well as I can at home (although, living in the far south of the UK, that’s realistically quite unlikely to happen).
Why don’t you just change your piano method instead? There’s not one set way.


Hey mate…thanks for the reply. I’ve sold my stick and gone back to pad…don’t have the patience/time/need to learn it at the moment.




damn looks liek im too late i was gonna say you should have tried my method its so easy, i would argue its the easiest- LP MP LP MP HP honestly 10000x easier after 2 months i was better on stick than on pad it is 100% worth it to switch i dont know how guys like stevenevo and lord DVD play honda on pad but they hit hands 100% using sliding, just sucks they can never play in arcade. I found more than anything my left hand just fucking killed from holding down on the D Pad to charge so often, stick is honestly the way to go for honda in my opinion.


Also, the sound when you do your hands on stick : pa-padapPAP! Awesome :smiley: