Configure MAME right for the TE fightstick?

i got the TE stick recently and want to configure it to work with mame. it works currently but the button mapping is not right. for example actions are mapped to the non standard button. what is the current configuration?

Just hit tab and configure the button mapping to your liking.

Usually, in SF games, button 1 is 1P, 2 is 2P, 3 is 3P, 4 is 1K, 5 is 2K, 6 is 3K. You’ll just have to test around with different set ups in MAME until you get it to your liking.

There is a global setting area and a per game setting once you boot the game. I recommend only binding the keys for menu navigation to the global, and then take your time and get each game setup properly on the per game setup.

Once you get it right it saves it so you wont have to worry about it again.

The only issue I have is when plugging in additional joysticks it seems to always make my joystick P2 no matter what I try.

ok thanks guys. is there a way of changing the settings of arcade fighters such as king of fighters and street fighter 2? so i can change the time limit? or is it fixed?