Configuring the ps2 stick to the ps3 help

I recently purchased a dragonplus v2 adapter to make my ps2 hori stick work for the ps3. I’m having a bit of trouble finding where to assign the controller

Without a PS button, it’s kinda hard to correctly assign the controller to the # you want. There may be other ways, I’m interested in this too.

you first need to have a PS2 analog controller plugged into the adapter. Hit the analog button to sync it with the system and then unplug the PS2 controller (the converter stays plugged into the console) and plug in the hori stick.

EDIT: and for the future please try to look for the appropriate thread. there’s already a controller converter/adapter thread and there’s a good chance that question was already answered in there.

Thanks, worked like charm!

May I add that this is the tekken 5 hori stick and the dragonplus v2 works on it
I read in some compatibility thread here that it wouldn’t