Confirm PS1 digital pad please

Would like someone more knowledgable than myself to confirm that these are inded the digital PS1 pads people have talked about hacking for use with PS2 fighters. I think the A/ H series only relates to the DS controllers but I just wanted to make sure before I buy.


The information located on the back may also be useful

Like the image seen here:

This is a “series H” digital, nice n’ easy.

H series are my favorite digital pads… no scraping involved. Just solder to the niceley exposed areas directly. =)

I thought that everyone used the DS1 H series for padhacking.

"DS1 has the best compatibility with converters/adapters. The regular digital pad works great if you plan on only using the stick for PS.

~Paik" - Paik4life, taken from

So if DS1 = DualShock1 (analog) and this pad = digital pad then isn’t what people are buying is the DS1 H series ?

Pad hacking thread imo.

As explained to me by Toodles, there are some non-fighting games that look for the analogs when the pcb is plugged in. So there are a few games that use analog and some gamecube adapters that do not work as well with the digital pads.

But everything else is great with these digital units.

and yeah, padhacking thread for sure. :slight_smile:

Still not sure

Apologies for posting in the wrong place

Unfortunately there is no A or H on the back of the controller. There is an M and SCPH-1080. So is this the right common ground PCB to solder?

it is common ground, it will work, it is just not as nice to work with as the “H” series.

I think “H Series” means “sweet” in Japanese or something.