Confirmed: a special graphics card is needed to play SFxT on PC

I’ve heard from multiple sources that a special graphics card will be required in order to play the game on PC. It will be sold separately and in a bundle with the game when it’s released in May

They did this for SF4. You don’t need it to play, but it was bundled with the card. You misunderstood.

You mean they’ll bundle the game with some graphic cards right… :wonder:


Well I guess that’s confirmed then. Thank you for those multiple sources.

Lol if you actually need a different gfx card to play SFxT, there will be like 0 sales of this game on PC.


Dumbest shit I’ve read all day. This should be locked.

It was…apparently.

It’s false.

Until you can link to an actual press release, this is flat out rumour mongering and speculation.