Confirmed: Bleach DS 2nd coming as"Bleach: Dark Souls"

So, finally its seems that Bleach DS 2nd is coming in English, but… its an European confirmation, but im very sure that this is also coming to USA so… awesome news because Bleach DS 2nd is by far the best 2D fighting game on DS and one of my favorites combo-friendly games ever.

2009 release =(

Euros to stop getting screwed over plz D:

It’s been on the site for quite a while. Comes out August 27th (same day as my birthday!)

Does this mean that executing combos is easy, or that using (longer) combos is a very necessary component of serious play?

Best East Coast Mayuri right here.

Gimme 2 days when this shit drops in US.

I’ll fucking rape you :tup:

Next in the headlines:
Japan to release Bleach DS the 3rd next month.

… Really?

It’s our kinda luck anyways. Like America getting an exclusive boss or something… only for it to show up a month later in a badass Japanese only special edition.

Which is an SRPG, so unless you know jp, or have a dictionary on hand, you’re SOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep Bleach DS 3rd is a S-RPG so… doesnt count.

This is truth.