Confirmed Japanese EVO Finals players


Looks like EVO 2006 is going to be a showcase for top international talent. They’re coming out of retirement for this one…

If I wasn’t already going, I’d show up just to watch these monsters at work.

This list is not complete. Many more Japanese players (who specialize in many different games) have said they are coming, but we have not been able confirm them yet. Confirmed players currently include:

Daigo “the Beast!” Umehara
Shin-ya “Nuki” Ohnuki


Update 2:


damn… evo is kicking some major ass… kinda sucks for the people who skipped the qualifiers though, but it’d be great to get the chance to play, and even beat japan players

I-no? Wtf :confused:

i hope this doesn’t turn into 4000 pages of daigo ____________ <~ insert clever comment there.

Sounds like it’s going to be a very entertaining evo. (powered by toyota)



I get to face Daigo.

“The BEAST” versus the “King of HATE” versus the Wolfe brothers in a four-way deathmatch? Can you say HYPE???

o shit the soul taker is coming… i shall have another pose off


anywho wooooo ino comin his mak is hype plus hes one of the few people i like watching play cvs2 and i get a chance to steal a win off nitto i couldn’t do it last year

Can someone identify some of these guys for me if they are sf2 specialists so i can go back into my cave and study my secret tapes of their play styles?

No way Ino, Daigo its offical I’m going to the finals

NKI vs Daigo in ST thats a match I can not miss…

Holy crap, that list is cvs2/3s top 8 right there.

The only person on that list who even remotely plays old school SF is Daigo. But even Daigo isn’t hardcore into old school SF. He plays ST some, but he doesn’t really know how to fight CE/HF characters too well, as we saw with the vids of him vs. Schaefer.


I really dont think one vid of Daigo playing HSF is going to determine his gameplay at the tourney…man first i meet the West coast SF specialists now im going to see live action of daigo…fuckin crazy…good thing i started playing yesterday…O_O!

Cant wait to get some ST arcade action again…and i know the JP players are going to play on the JP machine as well O_O!

I guess the fixed prize structure gained international attention. :looney:

EDIT: Don’t see Kokujin or Raoh, guess they learned something the past 2 EVO’s. :rofl:

Uh, all of these players have been to EVO before.

Raoh is also newly confirmed. He is a competitor and a fun guy that just likes coming to EVO, not some punk that only shows up when he thinks it’s a free win. Respect!

And as I said, the list is incomplete, and includes ONLY confirmed players–there are definitely going to be more Japanese players at EVO, but we’re trying not to mention them until they are definitely coming.


Someone fly Kuroda over!


Seth, it’s still a month or a bit after until EVO Finals, more Japanese will show up I guess. Good to see Raoh and Miu on the confirmed list, I’m guessing Chikyuu will come again since he’s another comp guy…:looney:

EDIT: I don’t remember the thread or post but I hear of Zangoef coming. :confused:

Yes! I’ll finally get to see my fav 3s player, Daigo, in live play! Also, I’m glad Bas, ohnuki and the rest of those legends are coming out! This is truly looking to be the best evo yet and I personally can’t wait for Cvs2 and the 3S madness to begin!

Edit Oh shyt! I-NO is back!?!?!? O_O Just read that after I checked the list again. Awsome! I’ll be looking foward to watching his Cvs2 matches this year. Damn, I haven’t seen him in person since we chilled together in Philly at a national tournament here. K-Groove that shyt down, I-NO!

I also watched him play while I was in Japan. In particular, I remember him losing to some random WW Guile who I have never seen in my life. Just seems like he never does well against pre-ST characters.

What “machine” are you talking about…?

No love for US? Damn shame. I hope US takes CvS2 while all these Japanese are here this year @ one event.