Confirmed Japanese player list

This is the crew that is confirmed and coming to Evolution with Kuni:

Kuni - ST Zangief master
Daigo - Da beast!
Dan - Top CvS2 player C-Ryu/Ken/Sagat
Mago - Team member of 1st place team at SBO2 C-Honda/Sagat/Blanka
Kin-devu - Team member of 1st place team at SBO2 A-Sakura/Bison/Blanka
RF - A3 and KOF master. All around player
Chikyu - Champion of weird low tier characters. All around player
Mitsu - Japan’s top MvC2 player Storm/IM/Cable
Miu - GGXX expert

Word is that KSK and a couple of other 3S players are coming separately but I do not have confirmation on that.

Lets treat all our international guests with courtesy and have a good time at Evo!

Good luck everyone.

KSK’s blog states that he(Alex), KO(Yun/Makoto), Kokujin(Dudley) and Sugiyama(Necro) are coming to Evolution.

Also, I received official word that Takayuki (MvC2 player) is leaving today for USA.

Is matsuda coming? That guy’s awesome!

:confused: What about Yukinose?

yeah what about yukinose? damn it would be a crying shame if he didnt make it… at least flashpeter will be there i hear that guy’s a beast…

there coming to get there free money :lol:

You’re not gonna get anywhere with that attitude, i hope you go 0-2, and if you don’t go to EVO, you suck scrub. I’m winning ggxx regardless! hell yea!.. ok no i’m not, imma lose to flashmetroid like everyone else is cause he’s the best!

wow…please contrdict yourself

lol… who is flashmetroid??:confused: :confused: japan is taking that shit son:evil:


woahhhh… KO uses makoto now too? any reason why? im guessing its cuz he lost to J and Izu the past 2 SBO’s and found out makoto’s true power ^ ^.

isn’t Japanese VF4:Evo player Kurita (Top Vanessa Player) coming as well?

doh i thought otaku was going ;o

no Boss :frowning:
and no sick japanese chuns for 3s

flashpeter is the truth!!!:smiley: KO plays makoto now?? you monster…

any confirmation on BAS, Makoto, or otaku going to evo this year?

Yup. He told some of the guys at Virtuafighter forums that he will be coming down to Evo04 as well as his girlfriend. I believe she plays Pai.

good luck usa…

KO, KSK, Kokujin and Sujiyama are scheduled to be in So Cal on Tuesday 7/27 =O

wow that sucks… alot of people arnt comming :frowning:

Who knows? Those are the people coming with Kuni; there’s possibly some others that are going separately. I remember Buktooth saying that the other people not mentioned (Ino, Makoto, Bas, Otaku, etc.) are going too, so don’t write off your favorite Japanese player(s) until the tournament begins on Friday.