Confirmed Japanese players attending Evo 2007

This is not complete, but here’s the list so far:

Gian - ST
nekohashi - ST
bas - CvS2, Guilty Gear
INO - CvS2
Mago - CvS2
Kindevu - CvS2, Guilty Gear
Nuki - 3rd Strike, CvS2, VF, ST
Tokido - 3rd Strike, CvS2
KSK - 3rd Strike
MINT - Guilty Gear
Kamichan - Guilty Gear
Itabashi Zangief - VF
Yossan - Guilty Gear
Gibson - Guilty Gear

P.S.: Daigo said he will not be attending. :wasted:

Ruu, the guilty player, also said that he will not be attending.

i saw mint and saw knit in my head i made myself sad on my birthday when i reread it

Any confirmed Japanese VF players?

im trying to get mishimastar to come. dont know about the other vf players though.


Japanese VF players Confirmed:

Yosuke (also technically from seattle)

On waiting list (not confirmed but definately interested):

Itabashi Zangief (Evo2k4 champion)

I also think american VF players in Japan might be coming over like Namflow and Shou.


Seems like some of the regulars are back. KKY and Gian is awesome BTW. Two tough ass Dhalsim players. I heard Thanatos may be coming???

I also heard Thanatos would be comming to EVO world.

No Kindevu?

That means Ricky Ortiz has a good chance at taking it this year.

My bad. Kindevu WILL be attending.

Oh wow, why is it that every Evo I go to, there is no Daigo…

Nuki plays VF, he’s a nasty Aoi player… Hope he enters VF5.


This vid isn’t the best example of his VF game. I’ve seen many more of him beasting in big VF5 tournies.

is this for sure

why link a vid to show he is good where he loses?

Can’t win em all. Most of my matches of are me losing too. :lol:

Are you asking about the list of confirmed players, or about Daigo not going? Either way, the confirmed list is who will definitely be going (or so I’ve been told by other Japanese players.)

As for Daigo, he said, quote: ??? “I think I probably won’t be going.”

No Ruu? :sad: :sad: :sad:

Bah, same 3S players as always. Shame we never see guys like Sugiyama, PinoAB7, Hayao, Kuroda, etc. Plus, Kokujin and Victoly are both retired now, so we don’t even have any Dudley players to look forward to.
Seems like Daigo’s starting to lose some of his interest in fighters though. He didn’t play 3S for months before EVO2K6, and I haven’t seen him play anything besides ST in the past year.

My first EVO and no Daigo? I guess that pic of him and I holding 20’s won’t be happening. :sad:

Those are some beasts right there:tup:

Damn I wish I was going to EVO.