Confirmed patch

Its on the top page of SRK. I am not sure when it will be out.

Maybe there is hope after all.

If they adress more than the net-working issues (I hope they do), I’ll need to eat pie and die. :wink:

  • Landing frames on the Akuma AFB would be nice.
  • Fixing the Rog Glitch would be nice.
  • Fixing the Guile SUper clitch would be nice.
  • Fixing the Hawk whif gltich would be nice.
  • Fixing Giefs super glitch would be nice.

But we’ll have to wait and see. I am just glad to see a patch.

I just hope they fix the networking issues, i care less about the balancing issues…but if they do they need to tone down akumas super, shits ridiculous

They’ll just fix the networking issues. Anything else would be a gift.

Ether way this:

  1. took to long to announce.
  2. better get released in a reasonable amount of time >:|

Eh, I can’t imagine it would be hard to fix the 720 motions glitch. In theory, they could easily fix Akuma’s retarded normals/DP by copy/pasting from Ken/Ryu, although that may do little to fix his balance.
What’s Hawk “whiff” glitch?

Hawk’s 360, especially the heavy punch one, seems to just wiff randomly with certain ticks. His seems the be a particular offender, people have reported that you can jump out of the tick every time.

^^^ Zass wrote a thread on it. B/c hawks grab is instant but yet doesn’t have the total grab frames that Geif has, piano’ing a 360 almost always leads to a whiff frame.

Would just be happy with the network shit fixed please. The screen glitches and lifebar stuff kills me. The balance is what it is, I don’t think they’re are going to fix Cammy vs Honda.

I’m having better luck avoiding it after playing against akuma more. I don’t know what to do with the slowdown when an air fireball hits though.

Glad to hear this.
Because this games is losing players, i mean A LOT of good players.

Thanks. If I understand correctly, 360 moves have “grab frames”, where if the opponent is not in blockstun/in range during ANY of those frames, they’re grabbed, and if not, you procede to the whiff animation? So the problem is that Hawk has far fewer grab frames than geif, so whiffs are far more likely?

That doesn’t sound like a glitch, just a side effect of adding the whiff. I can see why people might want it changed though.

heres the official post by jimmyrey. Let’s hope that “Capcom has been listening and we will be fixing many of the issues that many of you have been experiencing” means that most of the really annoying issues are worked out

I’d love to wish for all the little things that you guys mentioned as well as letting dhalsim cancel into his super again and fixing his teleport glitch. But sadly, I don’t think we live in a world where that’s likely to happen. So instead I’ll just hope that they do a good job of fixing the net-code/lifebar issues.

Anyway, it’s good to hear a patch is finally on the way…

yes all those bugs and crap that ruin my games…I hope the patch takes care of it.

Just hope the glaring issues with the netcode and such are sorted out. And that I’ll be able to use Start colors without the game disconnecting me from both ranked and player matches.

If they do make tweaks to the balance, all I ask for is that they remove the 5 frames of recovery from Fei Long’s short and forward chicken wing. Also to give him his old chicken wing properties for his forward and roundhouse chicken wings.

Keep the 5 frames recovery on roundhouse chicken wing if you want.

-fix fei long.

yeah, hes better vs fireball characters in hd remix than vanilla ST, but how about vs non fireball characters? hes even worse against them now.

give him back his old mk/hk chickenwing kick and his old lk flame kick. thats all thats needed.

maybe this is too much to ask, but replace his with his old ssf2 he needs a jump in that doesnt lose to shoto sweeps.

-as for chun, de-nerf her super. her super is nerfed wayyy too much in hd remix.

either let it do the same amount of damage as in st with the same 1 hit followup as in hd remix


make it do the same amount of damage as she does in hd remix but make the 2 hit up kicks guaranteed after the super.

-give t hawk two dives. his old one and current one. theres 4 inputs for his condor dive in hd remix, so it shouldnt be impossible to implement his two dives in

maybe fix his dp so it doesnt whiff against low ground moves like guiles

-fix sims yoga teleport glitch

-as for cammy, faster spinning knuckle would help. make her good vs sim again.

please dont let her get raped by honda and guile again. those are still blowout matches. i think if she has a good long range normal, she’ll be viable. make her standing hk a good poke. not as good as it was in cvs2 but close.

-and perhaps the most important: ADD A RECORD MODE!!!

it would be a godsend to test out reversals, timing on moves, etc.

I would love to see a filter that allows me to see which rooms have matches that are best out of three or five rounds.

I pray to the gods Rey and whoever else matters reads our forums like they claim to for game fixes. Better than nothing though, lesser games have received multiple patches.

who thinks Sirlin is going to get a chance to work on the patch? we can only hope…

I would LOVE that! With that change, he’d have THREE different crossups and I’d have my old crossup j.:hk:, cl.:mp:, cl.:hp: XX :hp: Rekka Ken ToD combo back!!!

One can only hope that they fixed everything you mentioned…and they get rid of Honda’s Stored Oicho Throw!!!