Confirmed SSF4 AE Balrog Changes



Taken from the official developers blog.

**- Near version s.MP’s damage is slightly decreased. It now forces stand, and is special cancel-able

  • Far version s.LP whiffs on all crouchers
  • Buffalo Head now has more ground recovery frames + damage is decreased
  • U2 motion changed from 720P to HCBx2**

So it looks like a bunch of nerfs, a little buff and already confirmed U2 motion change. What do you guys think?

(I’ll update if anything changes or a better translations pops up)


cs. MP is pretty much a useless buff. Can probably only combo into it off a single cr. jab.

Far s. LP whiffing on all crouchers is ass. The Sagat and Zangief matches are only going to get harder.

Why does Headbutt need more recovery frames? If you couldn’t punish it before, I don’t know what to say.

If U2 is unaltered other than the motion, it’s still garbage.

Pretty much all of this sucks. I’d have to say many people agreed that Balrog was one of the best examples of a near perfectly balanced character. This is all weak.



now all we need to do is make his c.lp whiff on crouching opponent too.

okay, i’ll stop trolling now.


Nothing too drastic in my opinion. Only one I can see is the far st. lp whiffing on crouching chars being something for me to get used to.


Even if he were “perfectly balanced” (and being consistently one of the top 5 or 6 characters in the game since vanilla doesn’t support that claim too well), balance isn’t everything.

The character changes we’ve seen so far in AE are also about adjusting playstyles to be less about exploiting a single gimmick and making the characters more rounded. Clearly they want to shift focus from his headbutt to his normals and ground game.

Same with Cammy. Instant dive kicks without meter are gone, but her ground normals are more useful. So, dependence on a single move is discouraged, while a number of other, more diverse options were improved.

It’s not just about nerfing and buffing. It’s about making the characters play better.


Yeah pretty much garbage, typical new age capcom. Nerfing everyone and making the game much more boring.

Damage decrease on headbutt isn’t cool. I think this is a great move when applied correctly. Making it worse just means Rog is gonna have to play even more defensive. Reversal headbutts get fucked up as it is. I don’t care if he has enough recovery until you do punish him lol.


these are all weak, except now dash uppers will be able to be done on people who crouch.



the headbutt nerf was really uncalled for. It can already be easily punished on whiff and was the strongest special move he had aside from turn punch which dosen’t have great combo opportunities. Now ultra hit-confirm will do even less damage and some of his headbutt combos will be useless and replaced with rush punches. So the only really good options for headbutt are anti-air or ultra confirm (headbutt trades alot and doesn’t have the greatest angle and again the ultra does even less damage now) unless you want knockdown on his combos.


WTF CAPCOM, we just lost all of our mixups after headbutt!!!


HB nerf is a little surprising, stupid in fact. It is highly punishable on block and also on whiff. they are not really gamebreaking changes, but I’d have live with it. As hellooo said we’ve lost our HB shennanigans haha. I guess it will slightly change a little bit how I play the rogster. Itl be interesting being able to combo s.MP,


HB changes and the s.lp really sucks. But I like the fact that he is being weakened. Now people will stop saying he is overpowered and will have to accept they lose because they can’t play shit and are a bunch of flowchart bums.

Come on punch bag.

Edit: Just checked the frame data and has 6f startup. That means a 2f link from c.lp into for standing and going for an ex upper. New bnb when you have one bar. I like it. Can anyone access to the game right now can confirm if we can do after 2x c.lp?


nope…it gives you far s mp


Damn. Maybe they change the range of The list is partial so we can only hope they change something that makes it doable. It’s too good to be impossible.

Helloo did you try it with a jump in hitting deep and early?

I’ve tried the following combos on Ryu both standing and crouching:

Works:, c.lp, c.lp, (right now you can only super cancel the
Does not work: c.lp, c.lp,

Let the games begin…


Not really understanding the HB nerfs. It was highly punishable on block/whiff, so I don’t see the need to add more ground recovery, other than to take away the meager options Boxer had after a successful headbutt (tech roll “crossup”, etc).

The damage was fine, as HB is a very high risk/high reward move. Don’t really see a need to reduce the damage AND make it recover longer when he lands. It wasn’t like Boxer’s HB had crazy-fast recovery like Ken’s LP Shoryuken.


headbutt less powerful…again…At least make it start faster !
far lp wont hit crouch opponents, gl to keep pressure on abel now.
U2 new motion, great we won’t need to jump or dash to do it, but it still can be avoid by jumping or DP and who use it ! Why it’s not an instant grab :|.

They have to change the range of, else this “buff” will be useless.
In what situation it can be used, assuming you do ex dash upper (it’s the aim of the force standing) ?

You meant instead ?


I didn’t even think on that aspect of it.

Now my morning is even sadder.


Lame changes. Yeah, Ex loops on crouchers is cool and all, but nerfs to st.jab and headbutt?

What about the test loc rumors that U1 couldn’t be comboed after headbutt anymore? What if the recovery is so much that you dont have time to do the juggle now? LOL…sad day indeed.


HB was already a piece of crap ffs… the st. jab nerf is senseless to no point avail…


I did meant c.lp, c.lp, I edited my post. Thanks.

I don’t know why but I forgot to test J.HK,, Someone else test it pls?

We would use it when you jump on someone and they blocked low. Never jumped on someone crouching and thought “it would be great if I could make them stand to combo into EX Upper instead of this piece of shit HB combo”?

Besides, now that you can’t mixup after HB you can lk Upper and go for the throw, EX Upper and go for the HB/throw/neutral jump/block. Or maybe you could combo into Dash Sweep.

If you can’t juggle with Ultra1 after the HB that will be really gamebreaking. The other changes are bad but Boxer can live without it.


Hello Boxers (though I’m not one myself). I roughly translated that one in haste and I need to apologize to you guys for misinformation.

Headbutts’ ground recovery frame is increased on block and whiff, but they don’t mention about anything on hit. They said it’s still possible to do Headbutt -> U1 as it has been, so I guess recovery frame remains the same on hit.