Confirmed SSFIV AE DeeJay Changes


Official Blog translation:

Beat me to the thread lol
Bufferable dash is nice.
You can already combo AA mk upkicks to hk upkicks
Sobat fadc should be good for wall carrying.
Less Air slasher recover should be nice combined with a shorter charge time. More guile like?

I want to hear something about that overhead.

Hey, it says you can juggle into roundhouse upkicks from short upkicks when used anti-air now? That’s awesome, since I almost never use mk upkicks as anti-air.

Love the sobat fadc too, to get any sort of fadc shenanigans going right now you either have to do air slasher point blank or ex air slasher, which gives you a bit more range, but is pretty steep with the meter cost.

If all these things are true AND he gets an overhead far st. hk, well then, I’m really psyched/ desperately hoping we don’t get inundated with DJ bandwagon monkeys.

I doubt it’s all going to pan out though, I haven’t seen any other character get buffs that good.

Short recovery on slasher means you can walk forward sooner after throwing it out, which means better mixups with your new overheard and new, better slide.


Wish there was an arcade with SSFIV around my way. All you west coast ppl are lucky. Seth Killian said there could be more changes besides the ones stated

Seeing is believing. I aint hype for this shit. If this is really true, DeeJay will be top 5. He won’t even have a bad matchup. Well maybe against Sim, but those buffs will make him a true Shoto Killer.

I’m taking all of these rumors with a grain of salt right now. The optimist in me wants these all to be true, but the “knowing my luck” part of me is trying to find out how capcom is going to nerf DJ

Long as cost mk combos into far mk still for the 3 hit combo… That means it will be easier to do those corner combos I added last night.

Longer slide? If it still has shitty recovery its still gonna be bad.

no the slide has more active frames. Basically that means that the startup is shorter, or the recovery is shorter (or both)

better to slide things on reaction, and better when used at max range. However if you slide right in front of them and they block it it will now be easier to punish.

for the slide, more active frames probably means they took some of the recovery frames and made them active, that would make it safer on block from longer ranges more like dictator or blanka. I’m fine with it being horribly unsafe point blank. That’s why gives a knockdown.

far mk was 6 frame startup, but if you were out of range for both hits it became 7 frame start up and wouldn’t link. sounds like they sped it up so it would link even if you whiff the first hit.

did they make SHORT (lk) upkicks juggle now? or did they increase the invincibility on FORWARD (mk) upkicks and make the juggle timing better on AA (maybe all 3 hits of HK hit now?)

faster air slasher is gonna be great. whether it’s the charge time or the recovery. it’s probably the recovery and not the charge time, which i would prefer.

The sobat FADC combos add a much needed use of meter and give him much better mixup potential. Should be able to sobat FADC into a knee shot/low short/throw mixup. This gives him a chance at going on the offensive once you have two meters, improving the rushdown/mixup half of his game greatly. Improving air slasher and upkicks is a boost to his zoning game. Seems like you can keep the same defense/offense hybrid playstyle but now with better properties on his defensive moves and an improved mixup ability.

I still want to know whether he has that overhead or not and whether or not U1 still had its chip reduced.

Yup, this seems like a top tier buff. Vanilla Guile -> Super Guile type of shit.

“Sobats have more frame advantage, can now do first hit of Sobat > FADC combos

Correct me if I’m wrong but you can already do this…I was just doing this a few mins ago in training. overall I’m glad for Dee Jay’s changes…especially the reduced charge time on his max outs

To be honest if only the Dash buffs turn out to be true then I’ll be a happy bunny.

I hope we don’t get a swarm of DJ dick riders.

And I hope this wasn’t targeted at me…just because ppl don’t post in this forum doesn’t make you exclusive member to a favorable character that has been out since ST. trust me dude Dee Jay will probably get as much love as Gen gets online and some tourneys…which is close to nothing

im happy all the way around cause all my characters have gotten buffed, to to stick to the topic i am hell excited about the new fadc options and the dash buffering changes. all these mixed in with the new over head should be interesting to say the least

To be REALLY optimistic if the first hit of Sobats now offer better frames on block then maybe that applies to Light Sobat too and we can do Bison Shenanigans on block.

If only…

this is better than what i expected

Yo I’m set. Even if only half this shit is true I’m still psyched. Charge time hell yah, better dash fuck yes, better slide faints. I’ll check this out, there’s an arcade that’s getting ssf4ae cabinets and its only like an hour away.

Targeted at the general mass of players on XBL and PSN not people who post on this forum or any forum at all. I’m just saying I like that I never bump into DJ’s online. It makes the character feel more interesting and special to main. I don’t really mind if people want to play him after the updates because in the end the more people there are the quicker the little secrets and intricacies are found. On the flip side the quicker they’re found the quicker the counters.

so is deejays max out as fast as guiles sonic boom now because of the buff somebody check the frame data