Confirming after air dash



Started playing about 12 hours ago and I’m having trouble confirming after air HP+Air Dash on Valentine. Occasionally air LP or LK will connect after the dash, but I’m looking for a more optimized, consistent way of continuing the combo. Is there a better option for mid screen vs corner? I’m shaky with 6 button games and that makes labbing more time consuming.

Also, I see players using a vHP (that’s a down input -_-) after the air dash portion and before the QCF+K into super cancel. How do I gain enough air time or otherwise fit this in? I haven’t seen any notation for the combo, so this is what I came up with, bear with me:

(Insert mixup here) crLK, crLK, crMP, crHP, jump, airLP, airMP, airHP, dash, airLK, airMK, QCF+K, QCF+KK

I’m sitting here after the fact, so there may be one extra input…

But there, I don’t feel I have the vertical space to use the vHK but I want the extra damage… and to be honest I just have no idea of what the standard, optimized stuff is yet: I’m enjoying the discovery of a new FG.