Conflicting Info on Sf5 Arcade Edition

hello ,
does anyone know if we can get SF5 arcade edition for free ?
is this permanant or just a trial , been googling this and been getting conflicting info .
some says it will come on free in feb , some say in april , some mentions its a trial .

does anyone know ? thanks :blush:

I’m not sure that anything else can be free at this point in humanity

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Ain’t free, homie. If you have Vanilla, it’ll update itself to AE for “free” meaning you’ll get all the balance updates and can play online. But, you won’t get the roster that comes standard with AE if you buy the game (all season 1 and 2 DLC i think? not totally sure).

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Just buy Champion Edition. Don’t muck around with Capcom or they’ll find some way to force money out your wallet. Get it over with now,

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have u bought AE already ? how much is it

any idea the price now ?

$30 for the upgrade from Arcade Edition.
$40 if you don’t own Arcade Edition.

i bought it for 20 bucks

Good for you.

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