Confucius Hall: Street Fighter Quotes of Wisdom

Let us list quotes for the beginner and pro alike to aid them in their journey. I suppose you can continually edit your post if you would like to add more quotes to your list or you can just post again to add another in an individual post if u like. Feel free to discuss any quotes for any reason. I’m kinda lazy but if there’s some I really like or if I get enough requests from ppl in the thread then I’ll add it to my post on the first page when I get the chance. Others who have posted within the first page may also consider adding people’s quotes to their own since the first page is most likely to be viewed. Just remember to give credit where credit is due so organize your post into sections of user names and list the quotes under them. Your quotes can be any style (Straight foward, cryptic, etc.) So… let’s begin.


  • Pro who consider scrub scrub lose to pro who play like scrub
  • Character with crappy special move of few uses provide that character with an extra few uses


  • It’s only random if it doesn’t work; if it does, it’s a read.


  • Losers mentality: “ALL YOU DO IS THROW”

  • Winners mentality: “I GET THROWN A LOT”


  • Profound sadness!

The answer lies in the heart of battle.

Go home and be a family man

Winners don’t do drugs

Damn! I was going to post this lol.

When in doubt, mash it out

the weak do not deserve a rematch, but an open grave bearing their name. -Akuma

how nobody remember this qoute?

It’s only random if it doesn’t work; if it does it’s a read.

I will meditate and then destroy you!

Blackhawks suck, Bruins will win and im biased cuz i live in Massachusetts - VolcanicAkuma55

Lol, and if you perform enough reads you become a psychic.

Profound sadness!

“To block or not to block (left or right), that is the question!”

Don’t jump.

Just block.

Lag never ever affects you when you win, but affects the other person when they lose.

Open your eyes and look upon the man who has broken you Akuma

“you are a big fool”

Street fighting is all about analysis, prediction and reaction. That’s it.

“ggs but…”