Confused about anthology

So a little while back I pick up SFAA and I couldn’t be happier all the alpha games, that cartoony one, but one thing kinda got me confused, a lot of conflicting info on how to get the secret games/isms and where they are located.

Anyone wanna clear all that up for me?

In order to obtain Alpha 3 upper you must beat Alpha 3… After beating Alpha 3 you select alpha 3 upper by holding select and pressing start when you choose Alpha 3.

In order to play Hyper Street fighter alpha. You have to beat each game on alpha anthology including Alpha 3 upper and Puzzle fighter II. THen you choose Hyper Street fighter alpha by highlighting street fighter alpha and hold select and start.

The alpha series was always my favorite series to play.

Which one is like the ultimate one with everything from each one?

That is Hyper Street Fighter Alpha. Beat every game on the disc then hold select while choosing Alpha 1. From what I remember there is no single player option for the game, gotta play it multiplayer.

Gotcha thanks.

PROTIP: IN HSFA, you can set the second player to be controlled by CPU and play againist the AI in this version. You just need to have a second controller to choose CPU’s character.

cool cool, thanks for the info copping this next week for my PS2

In Hyper mode by holding X, Triangle, and R2 when you start the game, you’ll just do rematch after rematch with randomized characters. There is a menu that allows you to select what characters and versions are available to each player. By setting this to you vs. the computer, it’s pretty darn cool.

There are four additional modes, accessible by holding select and pressing away from the center of the screen – left on the player 1 side – while selecting your -ism. (So, you need to select the Alpha 3 version of your character to do this.) From top to bottom, these modes are Darkstalkers (chain combos), SF3 (X-ism with parrying), Champion Edition (VERY high damage and dizzy, only available to the old characters), and vs. (some additional moves from the vs. series).

However, there are a few problems. For one, it doesn’t seem that you can disallow the ‘easy’ modes from Alpha 1 and 2, from what I can tell. And I don’t think you can disallow the Champion Edition versions of characters from Alpha 2 and Alpha 2 Gold, either. The computer doesn’t know how to play the special isms, and sometimes gets a little confused. (Like computer Dictator won’t use the non-super psycho crusher in modes where it exists.)

There seems to be an inconsistent glitch where command throws used by Alpha 1-2 characters against Alpha 3 characters sometimes do tiny damage. For example, the computer Sagat (A3) used a fireball at me (Birdie, A2) from across the screen at 10% life or less. I thought, ‘Great!’ and used my pounce super at level 2 and it didn’t do enough damage to beat him. This seems to happen every time if it happens at all in a match, but sometimes it will always do 100% damage in a match. Not sure what causes this, or if it only happens in the endless random mode or what.

In short, Hyper mode is a lot of fun! Enjoy!