Confused about P groove

I’ve been playing a lot of 3s lately and was wondering about P groove in CvS2. I mean, I see hardly any discussion about P groove, I never see anyone play it at my arcade…

I DID see P-cammy listed in the top tier thread, so whats makes Cammy relatively good in P groove?

I’ve experimented with it a little bit for my self and it seems a lot harder to parry in CvS2 than in 3s. Tell me if that’s just because I play more 3s…other than that, P groove seems very limited, with only parry, small jump and tactical recovery. I mean, if you’re parrying like a mad man than it’s all good, but I’ve only seen the likes of that in 3s.

P groove is hard to play. You have to be extremely focused (not like you aren’t in any other groove) and you have to be constantly thinking about what the other person might do.

Parrying is harder to do in CvS2 than in 3S. Oddly enough, I can’t parry in 3s but I’m fairly good at parrying in P.

P-Cammy is good because she herself is mobile in a not-so-mobile groove. She walks fast, her dash can corpse hop, and thats only talking about her mobility.
She has good normals. Her s.Fierce, close or far comes out quick, and her s.RH can be used to punish whiffs.
Now add parry and each parry= 1000 damage since you can easily tag a Fierce of RH afterwards. If you have meter, add another 5K or so to the 1K damage off a parry. P-Cammy holding onto meter makes you change your gameplan to avoid getting parried.

I hope someone else who has more insight than me can elaborate.

Also, from the right distance, you can cannon drill safely with parry covering the tiny opening that exists (you’re able to parry one frame earlier than you can block).

I think really its also the fact that parry -> super is fairly easy for cammy. Parry -> S.RH xx Super has incredible range on it.

this is my best advice when it comes to pickin up p-groove…
it’s going to be a long as hell climb before you get used to all the matchups from other grooves against p. a-sak is your worst enemy no matter how great your footsies, reactions, and discipline are…one slip-up and a-sak can mash on hp+hk and take off 3/4 of your life. umm, you’ll have to learn about distances and ranges of all moves from top tier chars and all other chars. p-groove lvl3 supers suck balls so that’s good to remember. other than that, i’m too lazy to type anything else. hahaha

Listen to what Pig has to say, best P-groover I’ve played/seen play. Course, not saying much, since there aren’t a whole lot of good ones out there, but I have played VDO at Evo, so… thats saying something I guess? haha

A-sak is nearly everyones worst enemy in K and P, so no surprise there. I think the hardest thing about P is that in order to win, you have to be a MUCH better player than your opponent. With some teams (K-CBS, A-BBS) you can beat people who are better than you simply by whoring top tiers. In some cases (K groove teams), you can get a few lucky level 3 supers to even the playing field. In other grooves (A groove teams) you can random activate -> cc (blocked, guard crush, hit, etc) -> build meter, rinse repeat. Meter is basically expendable in all of these grooves.

Now, take P groove, and you’ve got to work that meter like it’s paying you by the hour. One mistake with a super, you’re screwed because you have to work so hard for it.

That means playing P, you have to be a few notches better than somebody else playing C, A, K in the first place, just to be even. You’ll never see a random P-groover winning anything in a tourney.

Hmm, P groove seems pretty rough. Are there any well know P groove players that might have some match vids? Or is it that much of a handicap that they don’t bother with it…

Try to download some JP videos of a player named Bhouya, i remember seeing a vid with his p-groove rolento killing all 3 of john choi’s chars.

good P players:

LTB (lifetimeboy)
Justin Wong


pigadoken is a scrub, WHAAAAAAAA!!!

dentron: many would disagree ;]

some p-groove vids on bas and shou’s sites: <-- 2nd file (all 3 are good)
don’t know who’s in these vids, but the p-groove player is sick, i think it’s deshiken <-- go to download, and then click 10
these are all yo-da (p-kyo/sagat/cammy) vs shou (k-cammy/blanka/sagat)

Oh an what a great find, I want every P and K groove, I wish I could have got the first 7 pages

Good stuff guys thanks for the links and info. If you find anything else keep posting in this thread. :tup:

If you want beginner P groove stuff search for vids on me. :smiley:

If you wanna see a Scrubs P groove in action you can ask me to film myself playing P.

Here are some of Pigadokens vids, from my vid site:

Other vids can be found at the link in my sig, if you’re interested

wow, watching myself back then i could see how scared i was of RC. i think i can handle the pressure better now though

I used to not be scared of RC, simply because I didn’t even allow myself to think about the game in terms of it (nobody I played consistently did it). Then I found that vid where I got beat at FFA, and realized I was RC’d against and beat by it (jump in, Sak RC-> hurricane kick to 1 frame link to kill). However, then I realized had I worried about RC, I would have not been aggressive enough to win either.

In short, I still don’t factor RC into my game plan, (for better or, usually, worse). I have been practicing my own RC’s since I picked up A groove, though, which is slowly changing my play style.

albert is a scrub in those videos

damn straight, that’s how nice i was in p groove back then.

i’m trying to learn how to play like the computer when you set it to auto parry
any tips on how to do that?
should i learn how to “roll cancel?”