Confused on arcade stick compatibility need clarification and suggestions


First of all HELLOOO and sorry for my bad english or for my stupidity and a potential wall of text.English is not my mother tongue and I am completely new to the idea of buying an arcade stick. :slight_smile:

So I’ve played some USFIV for a year or so.Nothing too competitive to be honest just some low rank matchmaking and offline with friends.I am really really hyped for SFV and I also would like to step up my USFIV experience.Which means I want an arcade stick.Notice that I do not say i need it.I am perfectly aware of the viability of pads(Snake Eyez).I just want to try something different.Something close to the “original” experience.(I was unfortunately born in 1997 so I didn’t get to live arcades)

So I’ve set my eyes upon a Qanba Q4 Q4RAF.I’ve read a couple of reviews that have convinced me that they are quite decent if not really good.I like the design and they meet my badget restrictions perfectly.(As much as I would love some MadCatz TE2 action fuck my wallet)So what is my problem you ask?Why the fuck is this guy rambling?

Its simple really(Or mybe not).I want to be able to play both USFIV and SFV when it comes out on PC.Now this is what troubles me.
I know that xbox360 drivers work with PC.I know PS3 drivers will also do the job.That’s true because USFIV is on xbox360,ps3,pc.
SFV however is gonna be ps4 and PC and I know that ps3 hardware is not compatible with ps4.Which leads me to believe that if I get anything that does not include ps4 drivers I won’t be able to play SFV.
Whats more I am planning to use microsoft’s windows 7 to windows 10 free upgrade.I know that win10 will be compatible with xbox one hardware because they advertise the xbox one-pc “alliance” a lot.
This however leads me to asume that with win10 xbox360 drivers will be obsolete which means that xbox360 hardware will be unusable.(Perhaps that’s the reason why TE2 xbox360 is dirt cheap compared to TE2 ps4/ps3???)

Now, I understand that I am talking about two different products (win10 and SFV) even though they haven’t got released yet and thats the potential bullshit part of this thread.It’s basicly just me beeing paranoid because buying an arcade stick here,(Greece…fuck me…)is not something easy.First of all they don’t even sell any decent sticks(Asides from TE2 xbox one and Hori Hayabusa xbox one).
Which means I will have to buy from abroad.Which in turn means shipment fees and/or import fees may apply putting me roughly around 200 euros.
Also returning it to get my money back is a no no…

Conclusion!!!(At long last)
This whole thread may or may not be bullshit but I want you to try your best in answering me this question: What Arcade Stick should I buy in order to play USFIV right now and SFV when it gets released on pc.The controller can’t be a piece of plastic nor can it exceed the 200 euros(including extra fees)mark.If you can’t say for sure which drivers may work just theory craft and I will consider your thoughts


Anything that works on PC now should work on PC for SFV.


Buying a new stick right now with the future (and SFV) in mind, a PS4 stick would be your best bet, as all of them have a ps3/ps4 switch, meaning you have a backup option if the ps4 driver doesn’t work with something you want to play. The TE2 is expensive, but it’s going to work fine with a PC (can’t say the same for the xbone TE2, as the trigger issue doesn’t look like it’s going to be resolved) . Also, according to a top modder here, it’s easier to dual mod than the Hori ps4 sticks.

All that said, Madcatz has been teasing a TE-S ps4 stick, which may be cheaper and more solid feeling (the hinged lid setup has had its critics in that regard), so it may be worth waiting a bit to see what happens.


Hm…thanks for the responses.I think just like @PresidentCamacho that a ps4 stick is my best bet.I just can’t afford the te2.It would seem like waiting it out for the new ps4 madacatz is my best option but i dont know if i can take the wait xD Anyways thanks again for your opinions and I will take them into consideration


Or you could go for a HORI PS3/PS4 stick - cheaper than the TE2 (and, having used both, I’d also say it’s much better built)?


They are cheaper, but Gummo has said the hori’s don’t play nice with dual mods, kind of like the mkx ps3/ps4 pad.