Confused on what BlazBlue to buy


So I’ve only played maybe a total of 20 minutes of BlazBlue (calamity trigger i believe) at a friends house. I wanted to pickup Chrono Phantasma, but then I was reading that it’s not just a retuned version of the past BlazBlues, but has a unique story, etc.

So I was about to buy Continuum Shift, Calamity Trigger, and also Chrono Phantasma so I could experience all of them. Then my friend told me that they are all basically the same game, just with iterative improvements, and that if I’m interested in the previous games story modes I should just watch some Youtube videos.



Get Chrono Phantasma, Wiki’s and Youtube are your best friends for learning the story.


CP. It’s new and shiny and all the cool kids are playing it.


Thanks guys.