Confused/questions about combos in SSFIV - sorry to bother everyone


I’ve recently been playing SSFIV (i’ve had it for a while but only started to really play now). I tried the trials (forgot what they are called) - when you practice doing combos and it shows you what attacks the computer wants you to do vs Dan. (and if you hit select, it shows you the keys to press).

I was trying I think, 8 or 9, where it has crouch light kick, crouch jab, then stand and fierce punch. AFter many tries, I’ve got it, but when i try again, same issue. I takes many tries and it kinda happens.

What I noticed, if I hit the buttons fast, ie. light kick and then jab, the jab doesn’t occur; maybe I’m hitting the buttons too fast? It’s not like, StarCraft 2 for example, where if you click mouse around the map many times fast, it registers each click.

Thus, my questions are:

  1. could this be a problem with my stick (real arcade pro 3)? should i buy the madcatz tournament edition stick since I hear the quality is the best?

  2. when doing proper combos, do i need to hit the buttons at very specific times (ie. right when first attack makes contact, or first attack finishes and the animations starts to go back to normal, etc)? Maybe my timing is way off, hence the issues I’m having.

I haven’t really tried the plinking thing yet; need time for me to understand the normal stuff before I even bother with that :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help.



PS: I use Akuma but I assume the combo questions are generic

You can’t just mash out combos in SSF4. Learn the difference between Links, Chains, and Cancels.

Seems like most of the answers to your questions can be found here.

Newbie Saikyo Dojo

You could be hitting jab too soon, making light kick the priority input in the stack (look up crouch tech and why it works). You could be tapping jab too lightly. Your jab button could be broken. Your timing could be off in other ways (everyone has an issue dropping their normals). I don’t see any problem using a RAP3 over a MadCatz. It’s preference.

Moving to Akuma sub-board. They will have more specific suggestions for tackling these trials.

If you hit a button too fast after already doing a move it wont come out. Just slow down and learn the timing, c.lp, s.hp, if you can try to plink the st.hp it would help. Also stuff like this just takes practice, if the jab doesnt come out, youre doing it too fast.