Which team is better with magneto and in the order in which i would place them too. cammy, mag, storm? psy, mag, storm? or mag, cap commando, and storm? Thx for all who can help me and if u can give me a couple of combos to work with the team.


best teams out of what you have…in order


those are probably ur best matchups (in those orders)

simple combos are hard to describe unless you get more specific as the combos you’re trying to look for… i could tell you a ton of mag/psy combos, but if u pick the second, third, or fifth teams, that doesn’t do you any good


But I recomend puting sentinal in the mix. So Mag/Psy/Sen. If you get your opponent in the Psylock air combo with the special,link to Mags Tempast,then Seninals Orb energy ball special thing. It does a good deal. And if you want to build you gauge level for Mags, Senrinal is good. Then use Mags for THE combo., c.hp, [jump] sj.lp,,,, Grav-Tempest, sj.d+lk,, air dash up-forward, ad.lp,,,, Grav-Tempest,
sj.d+lk,, Grav-Tempest, sj.d+lk,, sj.hp

Even though I would recomend burning the gauge on Sentinals HSF combo.(hp laser.hp rocket punch.Hyper Sentinal Force,hp laser repeat.


how the hell can u have so many super jumps in one combo? explain please. and try to make it in english

  1. the combo he posted is garbage
  2. the team he posted is garbage
  3. he means all the attacks in 1 super jump. there’s a few different ways to normanclate things…

a GOOD combo with this team…

clk, chp, sj, hk, addf, lk, lk, land, sj, lk, lk, addf, lk, lk, land, shk, xx hypergrav, xx tempest, xx HSF, dash, shk, sj, lk, lp, fly, lp, lk+call magneto, lp, unfly, hp, land, spit, hsf, … whatever else you wanna do


damn! hadoen ur really gonna make me kill my fingers wit dat combo its sik and long and i know its more than enuff to take out any character right? also how do u make those tyte little visualizations by ur name i want one but i dont know how 2 if u can help me thx a lot!


well… there’s 3 hard parts to my combo…

  1. ffly
  2. sent/mag assist part
  3. rom > shk xx hyp xx tempest part

aside from that, it’s a bunch of basics and whatnot.

as for the avatars, go to forums on the top of the screen > control panel > change avatar, and u have to either make one, or request one in teh image mishmash forums, and upload it.

a few more simple ish combos…with good teams for a change…

clk + call psy, clk, clk, chk, sj, lk, lk, addf, lk, cross under, sj, (reset) addf, over, lk, lk, land, shk, xxtempest, xx hailstorm.

clk, chp, sj, magic, tmepest, DHC hailstorm

clk, chp, sj, hk, addf, lk, lk, psy, tempest

clk + call sentinel RP, clk, dash, chp, sj, magic, hg xx tempest

clk + call sentinel RP, clk, dash, snap out

clk, chk, call cable, tempest - (cable aaa hits OTG lifting them up into tempest)


Your garbage bro. How do you call Mags when you him doing the combo…??? By the way that team is the shit. Everyone I fought always used that team at least once. :lame:


cuz he dhc’d to sentinel dumbass:rolleyes:

and… I’ll give you credit. your combo was decent, and there really wasnt that much wrong in your notation… But the whole combo is obsolete w/ strategic mashing

And if all the teams I’d played twice already were lame, then sabretooth/thanos/warmachine would be the only “cool” team out there


because i DHC to sentinel fool.

that team is garbage. if magneto dies, sentinel is a waste there… putting cable / commando / dr doom in place of psylocke makes this a MUCH better team. m/sent/psy doesn’t cut it, since sent’s only reliance is on magneto… if he’s gone, sent is dead. if psy dies, mag is dead, thus sent will soon follow. u need to have a KUAN like sentinel and a SOO like mag/psy to handle this team effectively. justin wouldn’t even try to use it, because it’s so broken in the wrong ways.


…I really dont care what Justin does or doesnt, Just because some people just realie on their Magneto skills dosnt mean its a bad team. I can still use Mags when Psylock dies. Unless all you people do out there is use Psy 1 million times and do the,, Hyper Gravitation. And gbursine,thanx for the complament. But please dont call me a dumbass:)


you still don’t understand that SENTINEL WILL DIE in this team. M/P or mag solo is fine, but SENTINEL NEEDS MAGNETO TO LIVE… he can’t handle rushdown by himself, and psylocke does nothing for him. i said you’re better off replacing psylocke with some1 else, that both members of the team can have value from… doom, capcom, cable, cyclops, and ironman are all good choices. putting psylocke there is like making a crappier MSS. it’s pointless


understand this… you are not very good at this game, and you seem to be fairly new, so try and accept it when people point out that you’re wrong instead of acting belligerent. from the very fact that your team order is mag/psy/sent it’s painfully obvious that you don’t really know much. sent building meter for mags??? oh god. if you think kochou gakure xx tempest xx plasma storm is a good combo, consider this 1) wtf is psylocke doing on point in the first place 2) for 3 meters you’re doing crap compared to a simple hsf launch ffly into mag-a rocket punch. and as people have already said, the fact that you think multiple tempest combos are the bomb is the icing on the scrub cake.


lol. Your retarted remarks amuse me. Just because im new to the site dosent mean im a “scrub” you friggen loser. I never said multi tempasts were the best way to win neither. And no one knows my skill at this game. So why dont you just shut up and dont talk shit that you cant back up. Scrube cake lol…How stupid.:lol:


omg… just log off, and read this whole thread again… you refer to your combo as THE combo… then you insist a team w/ sent/psy is viable… you’ve prolly got potential, but if you keep posting like you know everything, you look even more like a scrub. Just sit back for a couple months, and educate yourself w/ the other magneto threads.

can’t inkblot put like, a posting limit or something for new people?


… :wtf:.Surely you must be jokeing. I know I said THE combo. That was my mistake. But I posted like, only 10 times. And I dont post like I know it all. Trust me,I dont. Im just telling you what a know. So all of you just get off me.


lol. poor little scrub. as gbursine said, come back to this thread in a few months time, when you actually know how to play this game. try not to shoot yourself in disgrace. then again, it’s not like it’s a big loss to the human race, so go ahead and indulge yourself.

or go load up your ps2 version of mvc2 and re-inflate your ego by actually completing the game on hardest difficulty with your team of psy/mag/sent. omg, the mad skillz.


LMFAO… PS2 version is ***erfuckingship!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaah

random freezing!!! YEAH!!! TOP FUCKING TIER!!! MWUAHAHHAA


-what does the term ROM, FFLY, and SJ cancel mean??
-how do you do sentinel’s unblockable??
-what causes ROM to work in the way that it does?

if u can answer those questions, I’ll try to make people stop harrassing you, because that proves you know a few things.


…How was that funny,let alone that funny. I dont know why I have to prove myself to you but Ill just answer your questions.

ROM-That is an infinite performed by Magneto.

FFLY-Fast Fly

SJ cancel-Im guessing your talking about the Tiger Knee motion.

A Sentinal unblockable is when you defeat 1 opponent and the other one comes out you use your c.hp laser.

ROM-um…the air dash?


all wrong! :slight_smile:

ROM - the guy that INVENTED TEH ROM INFINITE, and if u were going to give me your answer, at least tell me what it is.

FFLY - flying, then neutral, in order to attack quicker, thus being able to combo

SJ cancel - super jumping in the middle of a move, thus cancelling a move with a super jump

sentinel unblockable - when ur opponent either falls into or rises up into a spit… u don’t have to necessarrily do it the way you said, and against mostly any character, that would be stupid, hence… storm holding up, cable shooting, mags air dashing, etc

and also, i see you cannot see sarcasm

and one more thing… if u don’t like the way people talk to you here, because u suck shit in this game, then dont’ come back here. fuck you