Confusion over lk tackle, lp fireball, lk tackle combo

how come certain chars (like Alex), when you do cr.fierce, lk tackle, lp fireball, lk tackle, lp aegis, the juggle limit is maxed out while if you do it on necro or chun li, there’s an extra hit after you do cr.fierce, lk tackle, lp fireball, lk tackle and if you try to do the unblockable by whiffing the knee, it hits them. What’s up with that?

It’s not about the juggle limit, it’s about the cancel into aegis and timing.

More like the hitboxes on Alex are really stupid… that’s why he’s somewhat of an issue for Urien to fight against.

so this only affects Alex (the missing juggle limit)?

In your first post you imply that the missing juggle limit is NOT against alex… ?

Anyhow, the juggle limit is still there, it’s just that it can be bent/broken if you space your last hits close enough together. I think there’s info about it in one of the stickies in 3SGD?

no i meant that if you use that combo, the juggle limit is missing for some reason (which i now know is because of the hitbox). So does that mean it’s still possible for the whiff knee drop to not whiff if you do it wrong?

you can cheat the juggle limit if you hit them while they’re still going up so if they’re going up and you do the knee it can still hit

I think nobody understood the question… but well, I’ve the same doubt. And I think it’s maybe because of the Alex’s weird hitbox, like somebody else said.

And I have other doubt… why you can’t do cr. fierce->EX headbutt->tackle->aegis? I mean, you can do it, but the aegis doesn’t hit. It should be the same that when you do cr. fierce->EX tacle->tackle->tackle->aegis… there are 6 juggle points before the aegis like the first one (EX headbutt has 3 juggle points)

The juggle limit for 3rd Strike is 6, but if you hit them with something as they are going up from the 6th hit, it will connect. For example, the stun juggle with Ryu - jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jabxxSRK. It works on everybody.

This particular combo might be character specific though, I’m not sure.

Simple answer… the limit is the same for everybody, it’s just Alex’s weird ass hit box.