Congrats Cool Breeze

This nigga been texting me all day and sent me a picture of his newborn baby. Congrats on having your first child bro.


hell yeah, we got babies up in this

Who is Icemalcoolbreeze? Is that the same guy as Cool Breeze who posts in the NFL/NBA threads?

If so Congrats!!!

It’s a wanted dead or alive poster. And they want the baby back into the abortion clinic asap.


Congrats, guy I don’t know. Babies are always awesome!

yup, same guy


Oh shit…congrats on the newborn, CB.

Sweet. Now tell him I want to know who’s in his AV

Congrats dude!!!

RedD for real your not funny go rot your brain with more ICP

Gratz cuz!

  • :bluu:

Congrats man.

congrats !

ban this fool

also, congrats!

Hey, good shit, Iceman.

Congratulations on your kid, Breezy.

I hope he grows up to be a huge LeBron fan, like his father before him.

He better have given it an awesome name.

Wtf dude. Really? Don’t you have homies to hang out with?

Anyways, congrats CB! Hope you’re ready to become a father!!!

Congratulations Iceman!

Congrats on the kid, dude, now all you gotta do is to name him Lebron. :lol:

EDIT: Aw hell, CLint beat me to it.

He named her Akira