Congrats to Mago winning Hypespotting with Yang



Wow, mago you rockstar player.
Winning a major with high execution character like Yang…


My validation complex is still tingling.

Most of what Mago was doing is not high execution, though. It’s the real situational stuff that is hard to do. It looks like he’s also cut back on the harder stuff like MP palm FADC -> s.Jab links and corner MP palm -> HK rollkicks. He’s just doing what Yang has always done.

Seriously now, he’s not Viper or Fuerte. he’s got a DP, a mashable jab and rekkas. The level of his execution is a bit overstated.


He’s not high execution but he is a character that requires a high skill level to use if you plan on winning consistently with him or just getting a few wins. Mago’s Yang wasn’t winning much at all even after a few months of use - learning the character is a struggle. You really have to earn you wins with Yang, it’s a good feeling when you start winning with him but it takes a while.


i promise you that you don’t need to tell any of us here that

but that doesn’t disprove his point that at the end of the day most of what yangs should be doing isn’t all that taxing, execution-wise

far more difficult is keeping track of your options and strategically deploying them based on your opponent

yang’s game is a mental one from start to finish, you just need to be present and aware enough to capitalize on anything you can get


I agree with the above, but yang can have a lot of execution, but it’s extremely hard to be consistent with (sako level).

palm fadc combos, jab ultra, command grab launcher followups (launcher rollkicks or ultra), senei enbu palm loop, etc. are all possible but very hard.


That was what I was vaguely alluding to with the “most things yangs need to be doing aren’t taxing”

There are those things that push his tools to newer heights when you have the execution for them but they aren’t required or necessary even if they’re good options

I also never use u1 which also makes things into ultra a lot less difficult at least for me

Palm fadc jab is optimal in a lot of situations but not always practical in the heat of the moment when an easier link will get you something more “guaranteed”.

I feel the same about cmd grab into launcher, on paper it’s better for damage and corner carry but if it’s a feat to land it then it might not be the best option yfm?

I’d call his execution, overall, maybe like a 7.5/10

Totally maximized yang would definitely push that higher but he isn’t a character that needs to be “maximized” to win imo, just played really fucking well.

Even hitting every one frame link you can, it’ll still take you at least three “turns” to kill.

For that reason, you really gotta pick and choose what is worth going for at what time to conserve your mental energy for what comes next.

And God I wish I was good at seiei enbu but every time I try to practice the high damage stuff my eyes just glaze over


I cant do Seiei enbu combolol. If I have 4 bars and want to go for the kill I just do Palm, RFC ex palm to Rollkicks. Then again I cant confirm into Ultra so I just suck at execution lol


I was just happy to see Mago at an event, it feels like forever! Good shit to him though, I caught the top 8 just as it was finishing and caught him playing Tokido.


He just won SEAM with Yang also. That’s 2 majors won with this character. More than Yun. Lol


And SEAM was the most stacked tournament this year aside from maybe Stunfest.


And top 8 winner side at CEO…
He is killing it lately.




not sure about that at all…
Mago is just godlike.


I know. I was just hype. :slight_smile:


sadly for ceo yun > yang…