Congratulations Gamerbee: 2nd at Evo 2012!



I’ll admit I had my doubts Gamerbee could take Adon so far.
And Daigo’s win still feels fraudulent.
And Gamerbee should’ve had Game 2 in the final set against Infiltration.


Gamerbee, a round of applause for your fantastic performance.
I’ll never doubt Adon’s A-tier status again.
When in doubt - JAGUAR.


I gotta admit i was worried he’d get eliminated when he went up against PR balrog but he pulled it out for a second place finish, major props!

Jaguar kick!


I knew the results before watching top 8, but even then I was like… he wont beat this cammy etc.
Really awesome! wonder if we shall see some bandwagoners? be nice to get some more Adon players! :smiley:


Trying to learn adon after watching gamerbee at evo.
so you got one more adon player :slight_smile:


Gamerbee was always one of the best, so it’s not surprising seeing him placing so high or even winning evo.


nice! welcome to the Adon forums? haha

Also @Touchdown - I always considered Gamerbee to be awesome after seeing his videos against Daigo online :smiley:


gamerbee - HE GOT THE MOVES LIKE JAGGA! :wink:


I’m also trying to learn Adon after seeing Gamerbee’s great peformance at Evo. I’ve actually had my thoughts about picking Adon up for a while and yeah Gamerbee’s latest peformance inspired me to really do it. So far I love his mobility, very nice compared to my main Cody :slight_smile:


ah nice. I have a friend who plays both cody and adon. Welcome to Adon :smiley: he is fun!