Congratulations John Choi!

1st Place in ST

1st Place in CVS2

You are my hero!:lovin:


I love you!

choi is the reason i’m proud to be korean.

john choi

the american street fighter.

choiboy too strong!! :pray::pray::pray:




LB sarang hae

Congrats choi! You sure are a great player.

Must say. Im a very bad player on any fight game. Ive played strategy games a few years ago like Age of Empires II and Warcraft 3 tft. Got really good on those games. Even participate on International Championships. But never qualified to play outside my country. :frowning: Lately ive been playing some fight games like ST3 and CVS2. So i went on youtube and found out some keystone 2 vids. I dont know if its albert_c or not, but the guy who comments those games is really funny. Ive laugh a lot watching those games and had a great time (I`m still having). I wrote that just to chat. Cuz as you can see thats nothing important at all.

Do you guys have these games (vids) that choi wins?
Where I can find it?

Well, Im from Brazil and I learned english by myself. So Im sorry for my bad english.


your english is really really good for learning it on your own

keep it up!


Congratulations John Choi! You make all C-Groove players proud on all parts of the world!

OMG!!! :amazed: USA finally won the gold after all these years. :woot:

john choi finally got his biggest cheese

good job john

Congrats. Wish I could have seen it live.

CHestnut Vs Kobayashi got nothin on this!

fucking john choi…the beast

good shit, see u at keystone


congrats. awesome display of skill.

John will you sign my joystick?

No homo

John has been awesome to me since i meet him at B5 back in 2001
He is Godlike