Congratulations to Gamerbee for winning South East Asia Major 2013!

First major won by Adon/Gamerbee since Season’s Beatings: Redemption
Here’s hoping more Adons start doing well!

SEAM2013 - Gen (CM MCZ Xian) vs. Adon (AVM GamerBee) [Grand Final] [SSF4AE2012] FT7 HD

Congratulations to him , and the whine about Adon is just beginning , Adon is braindead and the jaguar kick is broken :frowning:

Fortunately GamerBee didn’t fight Tokido , I didn’t want to see his Cammy.

i like gamerbee hes good. Tokido beats everyone so thats nothing new

Haha yeah it sucked hearing how braindead people think adon is :frowning:
and doesnt gamerbee use yun in the akuma match up?

He tried twice Yun against Tokido and lost everytime and train a Cammy for the purpose, you can see on youtube some long videos where he used her.

Congratulations to GamerBee, that was a masterclass in Adon play.

Guh, I hate hearing about how Adon is braindead. If that’s the case, why aren’t there more Adon’s and why aren’t they mopping up and winning tournaments? It would also mean I am therefore awesome by default… unfortunately this is not the case :/. People don’t give the player behind the character enough credit. Take Akuma for example, pretty good character, Tokido is really good with him, but at this point in time, Infiltration is superior and has taken Akuma with his playstyle to another level.

Adon is brain dead, along with Cammy, Ryu, Fei Long, and Ken… Online.

Grand Finals was fun to watch. My choices were Xian/Tokido/GamerBee in top 3. Overall this tournament was so much hype.