Congratulations, you played yourself - Man exposes woman who falsely accused him of rape

I don’t know what is worse, that this passes for news?..or you get your news from a place called “age of shitlords”?

“Somebody said something on facebook and then somebody else said something” EXPOSED.
This is why Jihad happens.

I don’t normally go to this website, but it’s not so much about the website, moreso just the fact that a rape accusation was proven false so the guy gets to clear his name. This isn’t really “news” so much as it is a post about a situation where I’m interested in seeing what people’s take on it is, and what they would do if this happened to them.

So if someone gets falsely accused of rape are they then given a pass to perform said rape?


Many Japanese documentaries from my experience manage to convert rape into a consensual experience.

Everyone knows that is not rape if she is wet.


it’s “would’ve”, not “would of”

and if homeboy never went to court over these allegations idk why anyone cares. oh nooooo, rumors! you think ted cruz gives a damn that people think he’s the zodiac killer? nu-uh bitch, gonna keep running for president

Those were hentai animations. Not documentaries.

It was art.

Screenshots being used against women for once. Nice.

Also, shoutouts to AGE OF SHITLORDS.

What are the rules if/when shes standing in the rain?

then does she go to jail

That’s the most fucked up thing I’ve read today. Not like 4chan “thats fucked up LMAO” funny, but that’s not funny you’re a piece of shit fucked up.


Don’t you dare use my own shit against me!

He could sue if he wanted to. She obviously spread false accusations that hurt his reputation.

I hope he seeks damages.

Yep, these bitches wanna fuck our lives up? Tap their pockets