Conker Live and Reloaded

Anyone picking it up tomorrow? The multiplayer is pretty damn good. It’s even got an omaha beach type map! Awesome! :tup:

yeah, i’m gonna pick it up. never played the first one

this game is crazy. i tried the multi offline and it’s pretty fun

im still thinking about it… lets get some more reviews :encore:

Yeah, what he said, more reviews

Ha ha Mr scoot long time no play, I’ll pick this up anyway I need something to mess about on. If it turns out to be crap I’ll return it within a week or two. I don’t think I’ll play it 1 player just mess about on live. I hope it’s simple and don’t require me to use up too much of my brain lol.

I’ll be on with it from late uk time fri.

Single player on this game is great! Even if you had the n64 version, its a joy to play it through again with lusher graphics. Although, it definately has say…hmmm 4 annoying sections, 3 of which are relativley minor to get past, but this one section where you have to ride on surf boards across lava :mad:, well fucking annoyin. If anyone can do this on their first go, and not…on their 60th, they need a medal. Strange thing was though, even though it was well annoyin, i still carried on playing it. >_<

Anyway, good single player game, quite funny. Im looking forward to playing it on live, things look a bit hectic, but im sure things will become clearer the more you play it. Loads of stuff goin on screen, loads of weapons and inventory menus to go through. That Omahah Beach level pwns :tup:

errr, keepin in tradition with SRK, Tediz are top tier :clap:

I was really suprised with how good this game looks. I havent even seen the framerate drop either while online.

The game kinda reminds me of team fortress a little bit. They have all different classes and teamwork definetly helps a lot.

Here are some classes.

Sneeker - Basically like a ninja. They run fast, do flips, cloak, cut people up with swords and some more shit I havent done yet. They are meant for close range and stealth. Awesome class.

Long ranger - Basically a sniper. You get a charge shot like team fortress. You actually have to hold down the r trigger and the longer you hold it the more powerfull the shot. Also when you hold it you get a lazer guide that shines in peoples eyes and shit. Pretty cool. tey also get some type of thermal vision that tells you where enemies are.

Demolisher - Basically a big guy with rockets lol and some other shit.

I’m not going nuts ere so i’m just going to say theres a few more classes and stuff. Grunts, sky jockeys (only ones that can fly planes) and pyros. Theres also a shitload of maps and other vehicles. The multiplayer imo is really well done. Havent spent much time on the singleplayer though.

I played the original for 64 and loved it. Hilarious. Multi is badass. You get to pee on ppl, nuff said. LOL

dangit, last night i was almost about to decide not to get it… but i get on srk, ppl are saying its good, more ppl i know are saying its good… now i really want it :mad: , and thats not exactly a good thing, cuz i just realized that im gonna have to get rid of some stuff :sad: .

The one thing i have seen missing from the xbox version is the N64 game mode, where its Squirrels vs Tediz…The beach run.

The tediz were the only team\player that is armed with weapons. everyone else is the squirrels who have to run from the coast and into the back of a truck.

The squirrels only defence was to leg it behind hills, walls and their speed. The Tediz player would have to look for an oppertunity to snipe\rocket\machine gun the Squirrels as soon as he saw them.

This would of been an excellent addition to live, one reason being that it would not be split screen 4 player only like on the n64…but also imagine a kind of elimination game mode where its 1/8 Tediz trying to wipe out the other squirrels before they can get to safety! DAMN IT RARE!!! :frowning: It was such a funny and great mode, really tense at times too. xD

I can just imagine, it, 1 tediz vs 15 squirrels, who will survive? :clap: Anyone else remember this great game mode in the original? :frowning:

that would be great and all… but i see why its not in there. xbl is full of idiots that only think about themselves…

xbl gamer 1- im gonna be the tedy, if im not a teddy im leaving
xbl gamer 2- no im a teddy, i already called it
host- im the host so i always get to be the teddy
xbl gamer 3- this is stupid, just be a squirrel
xbl gamer 2- its no fun cuz u cant shoot
everyone leaves

same shit happens on splinter cell lol. but it does sound fun… guess it wouldve been fun with friends or people u know. maybe we can get some new games with dlc :encore: , cuz thats the biggest complaint ive heard from ppl.

my only gripe with multi is that it’s confusing as hell to aim at a crowd of people. all you see is a jumble of names and health bars. hopefully there will be a way to turn that off, otherwise it’s a blast

Yeah thats usually in small closed in spaces. Other then that it’s cool.

IT’s good. But it’s kind of confusing and I also hate the camera. Been playing a couple games, so i’ll probably get used ot it

i played the demo of this game and loved it. fucking funny as hell but im going to hold off a bit until im really sure i want it

i just got this and its tight as hell so far… multiplayer isnt anywhere near what i expected after playin the demo, it takes alot more skill. this game has sooo much to do its crazy… but im gonna give a full review later tonight :tup:

review- i love this game! the classes are great, theres so much people can do its insane. theres special abilities for every class, specific vehicles, gadgets, and weapons vary too. im not gonna get into every weapon bc they have every weapon i can think of lol. there are 8 maps, and each one has different objectives.

heres my only problem, the class with rockets can be played on any map, and there main purpose is to take down vehicles (wich isnt on every map). so in small maps, rocket launchers get to be a little over powered (u get hit by randomness)… but u know the good part? u can turn off any class u want if ur the host :encore: so its pretty much like the 50 cal in rb6 3… i just hope everyone realizes it soon enough (till then, i will be playing in servers with ppl i know)

ps. sorry for the short review… but i wanna play conker :party:

this game gets better and better

my ultra dirty tip for the day: play a thermo and drive the jeep up to a spawn point or cluster of guys…then blow it +5 +5 +5 +5 hahaha

Theres supposed to be a demo disk that come with it…I hear tehres a hint to Killer Instinct 3 on there… Tell me this is true somebody… tell me its true… But only tell me its true if it reeally is true… u know??


Did you know that the word Gulable has been removed from the dictionry.

I didnt get no demo with mine man

:sad: So i assume u didnt pre order it. Its like a preorder dics w/ demo’s for Forza motor sport, and some other shit. OH well. :xeye:

This is actually factual